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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Event Vibe Interview with my Brother, Trevor Simpson, New CD Release Ultra.2008

Don't Hate. Congratulate. Ultra 2008
by SoBo

Trevor Simpson is the Music Director at Energy 92.7 fm in San Francisco. His radio mixshows include �The Mix at Six � and �Clubber�s Commute� on Energy 92.7 and DUI on XM Thursday at 7pm. He is also an accomplished club DJ and regularly tours the globe performing at the hotbeds of the night club scene soaking up the local flavors and bringing some of those treats back to SF. Trevor has recently released his third CD with International music powerhouse, Ultra Records, www.UltraRecords.com, and is set to blaze the dance music charts and clubs all over the world. Eventvibe got a chance to catch up with Trevor Simpson to talk about preparing for what can only be described as an ULTRA 2008.

Sobo: Ultra 2008. Quite a big deal since we are still in 2007. How do you feel about this album?
Trevor: It�s big for me and I think it�s big for Ultra too because this annual Ultra compilation is taking over for their Ministry of Sound staple that they have had for years. So it shows that Ultra has matured, and it has a coming of age as a label.

Sobo: Ultra 2008 is a double disc packed with lots of radio hits remixed by some of the hottest producers. How did you and Cato K choose songs for your respective mixes without killing each other over song selections like David Guetta/Chris Willis� �Love is Gone� & Roger Sanchez�s �Not Enough� remix by Dirty South?
Trevor: It�s a disc that is going to going to appeal to both sides�Pop lovers and underground heads alike. I chose to take the underground cuts since it best reflects the style of music you can find me mixing in the clubs. This formula has proven to be a hit with dance music lovers. The last album I did, Ultra Dance 8, was the top dance compilation last year at 80,000 units so it shows that the market is there for something like Ultra 2008.
Click here to preview album

Sobo: What kind of tour & retail support are you getting from the label on Ultra 2008?
Trevor: Huge retail support. Ultra did a campaign with the retail chain In Motion Entertain who has kiosks in airports where you can rent DVDs and CDs and drop them off at the next airport. In terms of touring I just signed with At Large management and I have a tour that kicks off right after my date at Ruby Skye. I�m going to Salt Lake City, Phoenix, & San Diego and Lima (Peru), Brazil, as well as others.

Sobo: I talked to Kaskade about the support he is getting from Ultra and he has super-happy about Ultra getting his song on �The Devil Wears Prada� and the additional push at Virgin Megastore and iTunes. What is your feeling about Ultra Records?
Trevor: Ultra is a great label. The CEO Patrick Moxey is a real smart business man and really gets it. David Waxman is the A&R and also a DJ so you know he gets it. The vibe there is really artist-friendly so I couldn�t ask for a better situation.

Sobo: The last time we checked in with you Ultra Weekend 2 just came out to huge SoundScan numbers and we were all getting ready for Winter Music Conference in Miami. What can you remember about the last six months?
Trevor: The main thing is that my remixing has gone to a completely new level. I�m working with an engineer that I mesh with and I did a remix for Strictly Rhythm. I have another remix for Nervous Records artist, Celeda for a song called �Amazing� that includes remixes by Hoxton Whores & Porno Cult. I�m working with Chris Willis who is the main singer for David Guetta. And to top it off I am doing a remix of a Paul Van Dyke track called �Let Go� that features a mix by Gabrielle & Dresden.

Trevor and close friend, Dimitris Mykonos

Sobo: So far what have been your best memories of 2007?
Trevor: Energy 92.7 has really emerged into a staple in SF and has matured. All the time and effort in the beginning to build a station that people can trust is going to be here for the long haul is starting to pay off. Our morning show �Fernando and Greg� is the only openly gay morning show in the country and is the top rated morning show in San Francisco. Our afternoon show with Joey V is also the top rated show in SF, and includes my Mix at Six. We have done several major events like our Pride event that sold 4500 tickets so that says a lot about how far we have come. We are getting ready for our big Anniversary blast at The Grand too.

Sobo: Tell everyone what you have planned for 2008 with Ultra Records?
Trevor: You can count on another compilation from me in 2008 but we haven�t started to begin to talk about the next one yet.

Sobo: How has it been going with your work remixing and producing original tracks?
Trevor: My first original track is called �Hater� and it is basically an autobiography and a state of the union of the SF club scene. SF is very political and I am very outspoken. I feel that you can have whatever opinion you want as long as you stand by it. Everyone who is involved in house music, from the commercial to the underground, at the end of the day we need to be fighting the same battle to push house music forward but some here in SF are doing more harm than good and it�s time to be vocal about who those people are and call them out. Calling them out is meant to settle the beef and not to start trouble; we should be able to talk about our differences and join together as a united from to push our music and energy to the masses.

Sobo: How long have you been Music Director at Energy?
Trevor: I�ve been MD at the station at the beginning but I have been especially involved with music decisions for the last year, giving detailed feedback about what I hear in clubs and what I see on the charts all around the world. People think that it an easy process but we take a lot of feedback from the people and from other PDs in other markets who wish they worked at a dance music station.

Trevor and M.I.A.

Sobo: Your MySpace page says that you put people on maps that ain�t ever seen maps. What kind of influence to help break new music & artists does the MD position give you at Energy and what are the next music trends you see for 2008?
Trevor: That is actually a quote from M.I.A.�s �Paper Planes�. But I feel like these songs I play at the station are only commercial because they are played on a commercial station. If we played a minimal techno track 20 times a day then that minimal track would be deemed commercial. I have been doing a mix show with Jay-J for years. I�m in talks with David Harness, Richard �Humpty� Vission, and a few other people about new mix shows that are really going to expand our range of music.

Sobo: What else?
Trevor: I�m working real close with my boy Enrique from Surreal SF who is opening a new mega-club with Rick Haynes from Crash; George Karpaty & Ross at Ruby Skye has been so supportive of me and my show on Energy; Armann the Brainchild and I are working on a new event; and I am always doing stuff with my closest friend, Dimitris Mykonos.

Trevor Simpson will be performing at the Ultra.2008 CD Release Party with Dave Waxman and Dimitris Mykonos at Ruby Skye in San Francisco Friday November 17th, 2007.

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