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Friday, October 26, 2007

The Never Ending Search for and Island...

Ill call it "Awesomeville" and it will be exactly that...AWESOME!

I have dreamed to live the dream, spread ideas and change the world...It can all happen on an island, I just need some support...

In order to really make "Awesomeville" a reality, there are 2 things that need to happen: Financial Capital Investment (ie Awesome Investors) and the personnel to make it all happen (ie Ambassadors of Awesomeness).

Personally, I am already very dedicated to being an Ambassador of Awesomeness in order to make the dream come true. Thus, if you feel the same way I do, like really really really feel the same way, then look at the following positions and hit me up to get the real low down of Awesomeville!

Awesome Financial Investors

-Buy, or invest in an island (probably in Brasil, see links below to a couple options)
- Facilitate financial needs in order to create all things aweome
-Help me and other Ambassadors of Awesomeness to financially makeAwesomeville a reality
-Live the good life! After all, it is an island, you can do whatever you want, I will personally be sure to make that happen!

-Your investment gets return in quality of life, life changing philosophy and all around Awesomeness...This is our island of awesomeness, let the dreams come true!!!

Awesomeville Ambassadors:

-Be generally Awesome in order to facilitate the needs of Awesomeville--different duties and aspects of Ambassadors of Awesomeness will be needed depending on infrastructure of the island.

Such titles may include

-Awesome guitar player: To be the uy that sits by the fire and plays incredible tunes

-Coordinator of Awesomeness: Responsible for making sure that all awesome people come to be awesome at Awesomeville.

-Awesome practitioners of feeling good: Awesome at making people feel good, forget anxiety, stress...your problems will go away and you can be even more awesome!

Alright here are some options:



1 comment:

Mirabelle said...

I studied international affairs. Sign me up to be an ambassador of awesomeness!