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Monday, October 08, 2007

Mercury Going into Retrograde

So...Ive been pretty lazy about acutally writing my own articles for this blog...thus now that sh*t is about to hit the fan, I figured I might as well use my own words.

I learned about Mercury going into retrograde in its last cycle...I had just started a new job at a new restaurant...If anyone has ever opened a restaurant, you know you are going to come across some difficulties...try doing it when Mercury is in retrograde!

So the lo down is that when Mercury goes into retrograde things start to turn chaotic...ie computers malfunction, things that are normally simple become difficult, etc. For example in the restaurant, the computer touch screen systems that were new were simply just not working properly. This is when I found out about Mercury being in retrograde, as my boss, mentioned that may be the case. She also told me Virgos are especially adept to he effects of Mercury in retrograde.

My life was little chaotic then, and I became suspect to the reality of this whole retrograde thing. In recent weeks I have been adept to my surroundings and things going on in them...and it has been a little beyond normal...thus I wanted to see if Mercury was in retrograde...turns out, it will go into retrogrado October 12...and the days before it are when things are most chaotic...so watch out tis week...

As I started looking at future mercury retrograde cycles and thus anticipating, I also looked at the past...all I can say is that the retrograde cycle that occured in February, was the exact time my ex girlfriend and I broke up...who knows right?!

But I also have read that this can be a good time as well, a time of reflection and success...strange things are inevitably going to happen...thus if we embrace them, we can be better off... here is a quote from a blog i found while looking for a picture for this entry...

"Skillful use of the potentials of Mercury’s retrograde phases can help you to get to the bottom of any issue or area of your life that you have found challenging or difficult to transform. The retrograde phases of Mercury’s cycle have often times been misunderstood by those who are inclined to focus only on the surface level of how this energy works. Mercury retrograde offers precious new perspectives and rewards; among them, the gifts of hindsight and clarity which are so hard to come by when we are in rapid forward motion."


so as mercury slows in these next few days, take advantage of differnt things occuring in our complicated and complex lives, take time to reflect, rewind and unwind...get back to reality...whatever that may be...


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