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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

So I have to immediately write about what just happened to me. Its Halloween, and I live in Oakland...however, we have a house...Thus, I was talking with my brother and we realized we may be getting some Trick or Treaters! I got very excited at the possibility of having Trick or Treaters come to my own house, so I wanted to be present during the times they may arrive. Like I said, however, we live in Oakland...I have never spent a Halloween in Oakland, and dont know if it has the same feel that it did when I was growing up on Heidelberg St. in Boulder, CO and everyone put out decorations, dressed in costumes and had extremely well organized Trick or Treat routes on where to get the most and best candy in optimal time..one year my friends and I wore costumes with roller blades...In any case, I am sure that we all realize as one grows older, the meaning of Halloween changes. In college, there were some of the best parties of my life, bar crawls, people in costume and profound profanity. The bureaucrats however began to control these parties, closing off streets, making people have wrist bands, taking the spirit out of the ONE day out of the year where people have traditionally been allowed to misbehave. If you curb that, the will of the people will still prevail, unfortunately it somtimes excaltes beyond a point that anyone want. Such was the case last year in the Castro in SF. It seems as though each city is famous for one special event, or neighborhood that EVERYONE goes to. In DC its M St., in Boulder, its Pearl St, so logically one would imagine it would be the Castro in SF. These areas have gotten more and more crowded, and police patrolling more and more that tensions rise to violence. Unfortunately, they have closed Castro for tonight, my first Halloween in SF, but I am eager to see if the people will prevail!

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Derek said...

Ahhh the optimal candy route! You're right about halloween though - the authorities are always trying to control issh.... every culture has a moment, an event or events when social rules and norms are flipped... the house becomes the street, what is real gets thrown into question, social hierarchies break down... think Carnaval, think mardi gras, think drum circles...

Halloween was our event! But what do they do? They control it so it becomes like any other bar night... wrist bands, over priced beer, people confined to small crowded spaces, cops.... but what does it MEAN??????