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Monday, April 23, 2007

Trents Guide to Brazil--Chapada Diamantina (very primitive--not complete)

Chapada Diamantina:

One of my favorite non-beach destinations in Bahia. Great scenery, people and expeditions.

To get there: From Salvador take the Real Expresso bus that departs from Salvador to Lencois at 11:00 pm (R$ 35). The bus will arrive in Lencois at about 6:00 am. The ride is a little bumpy, but hopefully you will get some sleep. There will be a mob of people trying to coerce you to stay with them upon exiting the bus.

My favorite Pousadas:

Pousada da Rita.

Rita is a very nice woman who takes great pride in everything she does. For your first time I will definitely suggest staying with her. She had a wonderful daughter and a very nice husband. She will provide the best breakfast you will ever eat, especially good on the day of arrival after the long bumpy bus ride.

About R$15-25 per night.


A less touristic version of Lençois, one of may favorite small towns in all of Brasil.


There are about 5 total pousadas.

Casa da Roça

Contact, Barbara.

Beautiful quaint place owned by nice older couple. Their breakfast is all organic, and the feel of the pousada is like being at home.

R$25 per night

Rua Jose Alves Campos-Centro (right off the main street)

Ask about her land outside the city, they may let you camp there if you are in town for a little bit.


Talk to guide Joaab (Jo-ah-bee) and you will have the time of your life no matter what you do. Note: He hikes very fast.





Sunday, April 22, 2007

"Tearless Onion"

(to be spoken in a very sincere poetic-like verse)

And I cried last night for the first time...
...from an onion.

See now I dont even know if Ive just been cutting them the wrong way--
Or-- if they engineered onions to not make you cry anymore...?

But if thats the case...
I wish they would engineer women like that...







Monday, April 16, 2007

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Life is Full of Surprises

I have been an advocate of that phrase for quite sometime. Its not that everyday is a surprise...well it can be...but Im talking about life changing, out of the blue, good or bad, beautiful or horrific, epiphany enticing, bottle of scotch drinking blog posting so all your friends can read about it surprises. Love, life, adventure, good, evil...they come in doses of surprise.

I woke up today after sleeping off a hangover. My boss from my job was fired by the upper levels of the corporate empire, so as a faithful companion, I slid out the front door and never returned. I have had two interviews with enticingly nice job opportunities and called back for the day long interview of my life later this month to be a Backroads Adventure Travel Trip Leader. In any case, I was about to leave that job anyway.

My brother had come home the night before with great news about a couple of guys he works with willing to bank role the party of a lifetime. We spent that night drinking and tossing out ideas of what would make the best party. We threw around names like Santana, the Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Q-Bert, Talib Kweli, Matsiyahu, Gilberto Gil, Timbalada and Daniela Mercury. I felt like Daniela would be the perfect act for the international section of the party...and my brother seemed to think that she was way out of our league, even for this kind of large budget event. He basically challenged me to actually get a hold of her people and see what it would take to bring her.

Once I shook off my hangover, I got on the Internet and within a few clicks I had her international booking agent's information. I called twice with the phone going straight to voicemail. I hung up with the intention of writing an email. Only seconds after my phone was blowing up with a 212 number calling me. I picked up and it was one of the agents. She said she *69ed me. I told her I am Trent Simpson from Alegria Spirits and we are looking to throw some big parties this summer and really want to feature Brasilian artists, with Daniela on the top of the list. She was all ears after I reassured her that we had a large budget and professional promoters on our side. We chatted and she said she would send me some info. Not too shabby.

About 2 cups of coffee later, my phone rang again with a 212 number. This time it was the head manager for Daniela, wanting to elaborate on what I had just discussed with her colleague and discuss a few more things with her. 45 minutes later, we were both newly excited people at the prospects for both Daniela and my brother, Trevor Simpson's careers. It turns out Daniela is wanting to take a more dance music approach, expand her audience, especially within the gay community, and do some remixes with some of the top DJ's. Well, my brother is currently heading to the top of the SF DJ scene, going international and renowned withing the dance music industry. We put two and two together and have high hopes of not only bringing Daniela out to Cali for a 4 city tour, but collaborating with Trevor on a few remixes, possibly in conjunction with Wycleff.

Not too shabby at all.

It was turning out to be a brilliant day, and I was finally going to get my hair cut. I walked to my car parked on the street in Oakland, and -only to my surprise- noticed that my passenger side window was smashed out and my CD player gone. Surprise...surprise. A fabulous day of surprises, both good, bad, life changing and gut wrenching.

I guess I cant forget the one statement that always seems to sneak up on you:

Life is Full of Surprises