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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A very short version of a long story

I was born in Boulder, CO and started traveling to Latin America in high school with a student exchange to Paraguay. There I realized that I have a big desire to learn the intricacies of culture and language. I made tons of friends and pledged to come back. I went back to Paraguay b way of a month long trip to Brasil at the age of 18. On that trip I first used bootsnall as my guide to backpacking Brasil. I didnt know anyone and didnt speak portuguese but had the time of my life. Once again I vowed to come back, but for an extended period of time. I enrolled at George Washington in the International Affairs program. I spent over a year studying in Bahia, Brasil reinforcing my love for language and culture, especially everything Brasilian. I traveled as much as I could, retracing some of my steps from my first trip, to finding new and exciting undiscovered places. My friends and I became known as the international galera as we were made up of over 10 people from all over the world, but found each other in Bahia, partied hard and traveled frequently. It was then, along with many conversations with my host mom that I had the dream to own and operate a pousada for backpackers. I graduated from GW and immediately bought my ticket back to South America. I spent 1 month chillin in Buenos Aires, then went back up to Brasil. Upon many adventures, which I am slowly trying to write about, I came across what I thought would be my dream come true: a pousada for rent on one of the most beautiful beaches in Brasil. I spent about a month going back and forth from my host family to the pousada, negotiating deals with the owner...a lot of things didnt seem right, and by the end of it the cons were outweighing the pros. I ultimately turned down the offer, but am still committed to living the dream. Now I have a more realistic sense of what it takes to actually move down to Brasil and become an ex pat. I will be moving out to San Francisco to work for a while and get some real life experience after college in order to have another go at the pousada idea in the future. Thus, I am in the process of writing travel stories, and giving back to the international backpacker community--one that I feel a strong bond to, and has helped define who I am.

I have a lot of insider information on the state of Bahia, as well as many other places in Brasil, but have spent most of my time seeking secret beaches in Bahia and the northeast. I hope that I can be of use to a site that is still helping me realize my dreams, and contribute to those who feel the same!

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