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Heavenly Light
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sem Destino

I came to the realization today that we are free. We are free to do what we want. There are no limits to what one can do with their own life. If you want to run down the street screaming something, you can. If you want to wander the globe with no home, no destination and no purpose, you can. The only boundaries are the ones we set for ourselves. Society however plays the role of making people think that they cannot do whatever they want. However, that is what maintains the masses. There are a few of us who are not part of this proverbial group. We are for some reason or another more individualistic, open minded, independent, creative, witty. For these reasons, upon many unexplicable more, we must follow our dreams, and those dreams are often more lofty than those of the masses. There is a system to control the masses--but in truth we are free, only if we choose to participate with our minds, and not fall into place within.

The only thing stopping me from doing things is the common belief that it should not be done, but in reality, there is nothing to stop me. And it has been hard trying to find my balance between my idealogy and legitimacy. However, somewhere in the middle lies our destiny, and we must follow it,..

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