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Monday, December 31, 2007

Awesome vs. Awesome: Reznor vs. Cash

Ok, the ultimate showdowns are about to begin...I am starting a new series, intermittent with Travel Stories, politics and bullshit, a new feature, Awesome vs. Awesome, where basically its awesomeness at its finest pitted against more awaesomeness...thus, for example for our first one, we will put two musical geniuses head to head in a battle to the semi tragic and slightly dramatic fake deaths....

Johnny Cash, "Hurt" vs Trent Reznor and NIN's remake of, "Hurt"


(please note that above link is necessary to click to watch the video on youtube.com because it has been requested to be not relinquished for embedablness....for bloggers such as myself who only want to inspire and make dopeness easier to debate!!!


Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails

My opinion,,,,as much as I love Trent Reznor and people named Trent who have more musical genius that anyone in recent fake your death, or shoot yourself in the face with a shotgun, rockstars...Johnny Cash takes my flourless chocolate cake full of broken thoughts that I might be able to repair someday...its just a matter of time...

Peace love and Rock n Roll



So there were some blogs that I always wanted to write, but for some reason or another, never got around to do doing it...Maybe its because I was without a laptop for so long...maybe its becuase I was lazy or maybe it was because I simply wanted to keep my thoughts to myself and not post them for the rest of the world to potentially see, at some time or another...

Which brings me to my main subject...time...

As I mentioned before, the blog I wanted to write was on the day of Daylight savings, on the subject of time...and how arbitrary our society has made it

One day a year we set our clocks backwards one hour, another day we set them ahead one hour, How absurdly constructed does that make the notion of time feel?! If for one day we all simply agree that the world will automatically be one hour ahead of schedule...for what reasons...except for ancient ones like farming...And then to even note further that the whole notion of time is obsolete because some cities, or districts or states do not cooperate in one or the other, for half of the year one living in Colorado may be 4 hours ahead of one living in Brasilia but the other half of the year only 2 hours, where as if they were living in Brasilia for example they would be only having a difference of 2 and three hours respectively because Brasilia only complies with one daylight savings....

In any, thats more or less what I wanted to write on daylight savings...I mean really...one day I can get home at the same time and be late for curfew, but one day out of the year you can simply try to pull the daylight savings card and stay out 2 extra hours beyond curfew...make your mother worried, but then play it off on the stratigic change of the clocks///

Friday, December 21, 2007

Writer Strike

Well I guess I might have caught a bug of the Writer Strike going on. However, not being paid for my writing, I guess it doesnt really make a difference, that must be the true calling of a writer, just to write, or not write...who cares if you are right...or wrong, or left... However, for me, with the moon nearing full again, and a lot of effort put into executing a very new and innovative idea in parties and entertainment, working hard and reflecting on the past year...I hope that I, myself, can take a moment to look back at appreciating everything from my loving family, to wonderful friends, and everyone and anything that inspires, and may it manifest itself into creative and productive ways to really make a change...

Thank you!!!

Happy Holidays?!

Peace, love, passion and compassion....

World Town: A Blank Slate pt. 2


Tomorrow is our big day, a culmination of a years worth of inspiration, parties, meeting people and learning about this world. I have been living with my brother, a DJ and Director of Music for Energy 92.7 responsible for the Mix at 6 and Clubbers Commute. As I moved to San Francisco and quickly got involved within the industry, I found my own methods to justifying reasons to go out every night with with my brother as the Nightlie Ambassador for Leblon Cachaca. Quickly making Caipirinhas and Cahcaca a new fad within the San Francisco nightlife scene our ideas began to flourish on how prominent our influence can be. As two white boys from Boulder CO, well traveled and educated, we never faced very many problems growing up. Growing up in Boulder for some is as good as it gets, a pinnacle of society, to others, its a bubble of non reality that hides the real world. Sons of a family of rebelious liberals, it only makes sense to follow in their footsteps. Growing up on our Grandfather's stories of World War II, piloting planes with his knees over the Philipeans, and endless seemingly non-nonsensical and unbelievable stories about traveling through jungles in Latin America on a three month mission to interview a Colombian drug lords. Joe Bell, my Grandfather, an ever faithful liberal columnist, based out of ever so Republican Orange County, has forever inspired me to follow those instincts, write, and make a difference by being a compassionate kind of person, open to people who society might otherwise seem to outcast. To my uncle David, an English Lit professor who I have only met once. From my mother one of the most passionate and inspirational women I know to my Auntie Patt, a gifted thinker and talented awarding winning Childern's author--driven to overcome and continue to do what she loves, no matter what life brings to our tables.

On the other side of our family exists the same level of inspirational, talented and passionate people. With ancestral Scottish roots wonderfully whisked all they way to ...Wyoming...To My Grandmother who managed to raise three extremely (and I dont use the word "extremly" lightly) liberal children. From my uncle Charlie, born to Mary and Joe Simpson on Christmas day...we always wondered why they never named him Jesus?! Exiled from Wyoming to having founded some of the first community living houses in Boulder CO, he pioneered the peaceful anti-Vietnam activism and hippie movements..To my father whose draft dodging skills were fine tuned by his brother and classmates at Whiteman school in Steamboat CO. His ambitions of being a teacher were cut short when he actually saw the reality of a inner city Denver public school. To my Auntie M (as in Marcia) who boggled my mind with her boggle skills and always gave the coolest gifts at Christmas, we all got our first "Walkmans" in 1988 which may have something to do with our passion for music.

To my fabulous cousins born and raised in the Corona Club.

From my studies in Paraguay which opened my eyes to the world and increased an ever growing desire to experience this world. Going to school in DC, living in Brasil, learning langauges and living with host families. To my host mothers, Norma and Amparo, that were patient with me and saw my desire to really see, understand and partake as a member of their respective families...and to those families that took me in as if I truly was a member of theirs...Just another White Boy from Colorado, a respected member of various families throughout the world...and you and them rest of the World as a respected member of my family.


A lifetime of not very much struggle, but the ability to see struggles around the world, we are all one town, we are World Town...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Investors Needed!!!!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An Interview with Javed Jabbar, Pakistan's Former Minister of Information

An Interview with Javed Jabbar, Pakistan's Former Minister of Information

The Volatile Mistress


Javed Jabbar served as General Pervez Musharraf's Minister of Information. Here he talks to CounterPuncher Wajahat Ali about Pakistan General Musharraf, the nation's relationship to the United States, and the current State of Emergency.
ALI: What was your initial impression of Musharraf when you were Minister of Information in 1999? Did you believe him, back then, when he said he would make Pakistan a democratic nation?

JABBAR: First of all, I happened to know him from 7 years before joining his cabinet. I had a personal friendship with him. I knew him as a person and thought he had a progressive view of the world. He is strongly in favor of women's right and empowerment. And, at that time, he genuinely wanted to help improve the political value system and political practices so that Pakistan's democratic process could be subject to ethical and more accountable frameworks that had been practiced in recent years.
I shared that vision, and I think he was genuine in that conviction.

ALI: Do you think that same conviction motivated his recent declaration of the State of Emergency, which some claim is essentially a mini Martial Law?
JABBAR: You're taking a giant leap of 7 years. (Chuckles.) First of all this process went through phases. The first year I served with him as advisor on National Affairs and Minister of Information, I saw the process partially implemented but there were signs of variation in those lines of vision and long term objectives I initially shared with him. Which is why in October 2000, I decided to resign from the cabinet.
Over the 7 years from 2000 to 2007, he took several actions which were progressively at variance at where we started out from. First of all, in April 2002, he made the decision to hold a Referendum and assume the office of President for 5 years after that date. Secondly, the manner in which the results of the 2002 elections were not allowed to be accurately reflected was a problem. The results were reflective of fairly free and general elections, because the People's Party of Benazir Bhutto secured the highest number of votes in the party. And it was only after several members of her party deviated from the party leadership's direction and agreed to support Musharraf that his chosen prime ministerial nominee, Mister Zafarullah Jamali, was elected with the barest of margins. He had a one vote majority in the National Assembly ­it came down to a single vote. That's how narrow it was.
Therefore, when people say the October 2002 elections were entirely rigged, I beg to disagree. If it was rigged, then it would be on a much bigger scale, then the People's Party could not have been shown to be the party that owned the highest number of votes. So, a major point of disagreement was how the results of the 2002 election were manipulated or distorted.

Then, between 2002 and 2007, there was the decision to work with elements who were clearly not part of the ethical and the more accountable political value system with which he came into power ­ this had become very apparent. So, my disagreement grew sharper.

ALI: What is an example of that element?
JABBAR: I would not like to name individuals. I do not as a matter of policy make references to specific personalities. Everyone knows who these people and those elements are.

ALI: Ok, fair enough.
JABBAR: Therefore, last year in July 2006, I was involved in part of the process called the Civil Military Dialogue, including several former generals of the Pakistan Army, several former Cabinet Ministers, and leaders of civil society and scholars. We are a group of about 20 people. We decided to address an open public plea to General Musharraf and to the heads of the political parties, because we felt firmly that the post of President and Chief of Army Staff should be held by two separate people. The Presidency is a political position, and we urged the General to retire from the Chief of Army Staff.

Secondly, we called for a truly independent commission and genuine enforcement of accountability and not selective accountability. We also urged political leaders to avoid polarizing the situation and using extreme rhetoric. We also urged the forces of liberalism and tolerance and moderation to unite to fight the threats of extremists and fanatics who use violence.

Unfortunately, our call was ignored by Musharraf. [Musharraf recently stepped down as Chief of the Army, however the State of Emergency has not been lifted.] The results became horrendously evident in 2007 beginning with his very considered action against the Chief Justice in March. It has been a rapid and progressive decline since then.
It has been a progressive deterioriation; however allow me to say that on the other hand his major contribution has been the allocation for deserved seats for women to the extent of 33% [representation] in all local government levels and village levels, which is a revolutionary change. This leaves far behind many other Western countries. Even they don't have this abundance of women's participation at the grassroots level. Equally, he assured that 17 seats are reserved in the provincial and National legislature for women. Now, reserved seats are not the ideal way to improve the participation of women, but in a society where there are so many barriers, it has had a salutary or symbolic effect. Over the coming years it will help to significantly improve women's developments and women rights.

A second major contribution has been the introduction of private and independent television channels and radio stations, with which I was associated and I had written the original law in 1997. But the elected government of Nawaz Sharif had scrapped the law. During my cabinet tenure with Musharraf, it was revived. And finally after I left the cabinet, it was enforced. There has been a dramatic transformation of Pakistan's media landscape from a state monopoly of electronic media to a situation where there are at least 35 television channels and 70 private radio stations.
Tragically, Musharraf's latest acts [The State of Emergency resulting in the sacking of judges, the shutting down of private media outlets, the arrests of activist lawyers and human rights members] have banned or suspended a significant achievement of his own tenure which was fairly unique. Nowhere else in the world was private media so openly and daily critical of a serving Chief of Army Staff. So, these are two major credits. Third, there was a significant improvement in the macro-economic indicators by which the size of the Pakistani economy increased, foreign investment increased, market capitalization increased, and business activity increased. Also, there were vast phenomenal increases in higher education, and also an opening of access to telecommunications for the average citizen.

So, I'll conclude my very long response. I went into detail to give you an idea that while one strongly condemns what has recently happened, one should retain a sense of balance and see what the credits have been. He should have resisted from the steps he had taken, because those progressive elements that resulted from the measures that I have just listed, have now being alienated. On the one hand, he is already fighting irrational indoctrinated fanatics, and now those who are progressive in their approach, those who are liberal and tolerant, even they have become alienated. It is a very dire situation to end up alienating both extremes.

ALI: I wanted to ask specifically then what is your take on his current State of Emergency, and what are the potential blowbacks resulting from it?
JJ: First of all, the consequences will be extremely negative in the long term for Pakistani's institutional development and cohesion. It has been a terrible blow to the process to strengthening the independence and autonomy of institutions: the media, the judiciary, the checks and balances. The second consequence will be a degree of introspection in the media itself. Sometimes, not always, but sometime private media have used new freedoms in a somewhat unbridled, if not excessive, way. All freedoms should be subject to some sense of moderation. To show for example during live telecasts the killing and willful gratuitous violence is, on one hand, reporting what you are seeing, but on the other hand it is inciting people to revenge or apathy or insensitivity. On the long term basis, more important, the General should make distinctions between what suits his interests and what is in the country's interests. For example, while The Supreme Court was listening to a case that dealt directly with his eligibility, there was no basis for him to take this action [Declaring a State of Emergency that sacked all the judges who were following the Constitution and ruling against his wishes]. As far as the threat from terrorists, the State of Emergency may arbitrarily give more powers to government, but this is not an effective response. The cure, the attempted cure, was from the same disease.

ALI: Many say this might be the last throng of his power. If there is a power vacuum as a result of his actions, who will fill it up? Bhutto? The military? The extremists? This is a main concern for America.

JJ: We must go to history and realize that Pakistan's constitution offers many rational options and ways to respond to a power vacuum. On the 17th of August 1988 when Zia died in an air crash [General Zia al Haq was Pakistan's military dictator from 1977 to 1988] , immediately thereafter as per the constitution, the Chairman of the Senate took over as President of the Country and as per the Constitution, elections were held within 3 months in November. I fervently wished that Musharraf remains alive and well, but if there is any change in the status of who remains President or Army Chief, then we should look to the Constitutional process. I am absolutely confident that the people of Pakistan are capable of producing alternatives. Some of them might not be ideal, but eventually we are capable of producing the appropriate alternatives.

ALI: What are the motivations of the U.S. in dealing with Musharraf and Bhutto right now? Many, in U.S. at least, are suspicious of Pakistan's motives, and many in Pakistan of course believe Musharraf is merely a tool of the U.S. So, how does this relationship play in the current geo-political climate, specifically between U.S., Musharaff, and Bhutto.

JJ: Yes, on the face of it there is the interest of the U.S. to align themselves with elements whom they think are in tune with their ideals and values. This is a superficial reading. Yes, certainly, Musharraf and Bhutto represent those parts and citizens of Pakistan that abhor violence, that are against extremism and fanaticism. Equally, however, the degree to which Pakistan has collaborated and cooperated with the U.S. has clearly alienated the people in Pakistan who have these same liberal values. There is a need to assert Pakistani autonomy and identity, and it has been done to be fair. Even while collaborating with the U.S., it is unfair to call Musharraf a complete tool of U.S. Policy because on Nuclear Proliferation charges, he has not allowed A.Q. Khan [The Pakistani scientist known as the "Father of Pakistan's Nuclear Program" alleged to have sold nuclear secrets and information to neighboring countries] to be interviewed by either the IAEA or by representatives of the U.S. Government. He has very clearly said "No." So, Pakistan is not just putty in the hands of the U.S. government. No Pakistani will simply say, "yes, sir" to whatever the State Department or U.S. Government wants.

ALI: How real is the threat of extremism, specifically Pro-Taliban parties taking control of Pakistan?

JJ: The threat is very real. Second, the threat emanates from a small, microscopic number of people. It does not represent the overwhelming nature of the Pakistani people whose nature is peaceful and hospitable. Third, we have to guard against the ease with which a small minority can derail a whole process whether through violence or through political power. Fourth, one indicator is the religious parties in Pakistan, who not always are the violent ones since there are many non-violent religious parties as well. In the only province in the federation where they had unqualified power in the past 5 years in the NWFP [The North West Frontier Province of Pakistan known for feudalism, tribalism and religious conservatism] , in the October 2002 elections the religious alliances gained only a small part of the vote, because only 34% of the electorate in the NWFP casted votes. Out of the 34%, the religious alliance got only 15-20% of the votes.

So, 80% of the province which is supposed to have dominance of religious forces didn't even bother to express their allegiance to the religious parties! But, the threat from extremism is real and it is real like anywhere else in the world. It needs to be combated vigorously without qualification on several fronts.

ALI: Last question - What are the key steps for Pakistan to gain some proactive grounds towards a functional democracy? Is there hope?

JJ: The best step would be the restoration of the Constitution without any dilution of it democratic, political nature. Number two, a distinctive and clear separation between the civil political process and the ole of military. Number three, a genuinely independent and powerful election commission with complete executive authority at the grassroots level to ensure truly authentic elections. Finally, number four, maturity and strength from the leadership of the political parties to cooperate and prevent the situation from further deterioration.

Wajahat Ali is a playwright, essayist, humorist, and J.D. whose work, "The Domestic Crusaders ," (www.domesticcrusaders.com) is the first major play about Muslim Americans living in a post 9-11 America. He can be reached at wajahatmali@gmail.com

Monday, December 03, 2007

TImbland, Apologize

I woke up with this song stuck in my head...the video is kinda cool with the burning flowers and other symbolic imagery...I finally had the chance to play it very load on our home stereo...its worth if if you can blast it and rock out!

Peace and love


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maipulated vs. Reality

"If a man traveled through Paradise in a dream,
and received a flower as proof of his passage,
then woke to find this flower in his hands...what then?"

-Jorge Luis Borges

I have been having an internal crisis with the online world--to the extent that I dont even know if I have written about it 13 times before or if it all circles in my head and manifests itself into growing internal conflict...what can I say, Im a Virgo and keep things inside until they explode in some way or another...for me its usually via writing. That is why I created this blog, International Vagabond. I love to travel the world, see different places, learn languages, practice slang, invent new words, pay a cheaper price for a beer, drink past 2:00 am, bounce to somewhere new where no one knows me and then be completely myself. It is a tough balance between getting to know a place with a defined group of friends who you can trust, count on and get to know the real individuals. It is another thing to go somewhere and become someone new, change your name, not talk to anyone, talk to everyone, be a writer, be a dancer, an artist, a tourist, a local that everyone loves or the village drunk...For me, I thrive on a combination of the two. I need to travel, but I have an amazing support network of friends I have made all around the world from various facets of life. From childhood friends, to college roommates, to random encounters while traveling, I try hard to stay in touch, and sometimes lose track of people. However, with all the social networking websites out there like Myspace, Facebook, Orkut and blogs where people can write and post whatever they want, it is easier to keep tabs on people. Thus, my dilemma. I have all the profiles for various Internet social networking sites...each profile is a little different as each site is a little different. Some people use these sites religiously as they are bored out of their mind at work sitting in front of a computer all day...I however, hardly have time to even check my email anymore as my jobs are much more "out in the field." (Dont even let me get started about using the word "field" to refer to the world.) In any case, after this large winding rant that might not make any sense, I just want to make my disclaimer...


I realize that whatever I post online the world can see, but I do not post everything online...I wish I could. My social networking profiles have a sarcastic and ironic twist to them that demonstrate a certain aspect of my personality, but in no way does it completely represent who I am...I dont event know who I am...every day I live my life to the fullest in order to take one step further at figuring all that out. And thus I dont make any decisions about people based on their online profiles as well, no matter how religiously one uses it. Long story short, I have a blog where I can try to defend myself for putting certain things on the Internet that I do, but I also have a brain and a strong will to really get to know people in person, wherever, whenever or however that may occur. Thats the fun part of all of this, you never know who is going to come across your page, or show up at your bar, or bump into at a very awkward moment in one or both people's lives.

The truth can be manipulated, reality can be hidden or perceived as something different that what it really is.

Do people even read anymore?

"People think we're stupid but were not." M.I.A.

Im just trying to make some change around here, my goals are lofty and my desire to change the world will always exist. Does it matter who I am or where I came from? All I know is that growing up where I did has given me the opportunity and desire to go the places I have been, lived the places I have lived, meet the people I have met, do the things that I do and have the experience that live brings to me...I can only hope that I can keep walking down this road, whether its a freeway, dirt road, back alley, switch back up a mountain, closed road, repaved road, pot holed road or a fork in the road...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketyou can place your Vegas bets that I will choose the one less traveled, because that is me, the International Vagabond, curious to see what the alternative routes are because you can ask the majority what the frequently traveled road holds, that is not a mystery. Greatness comes from chance, bravery, exploration, creativity, desire, passion, adventure, curiosity, learning, experiencing, participating, teaching, communicating, thinking, writing and evolving. The road less traveled lets me evolve, create new ideas and new experiences which all build to a greater, loftier reality...which one may or may not ever be able to grasp...

"The lost word must be unearthed,
and we must dream inward and outward...
and there, toward the living center of origin,
beyond end and beginning."

-Octavio Paz


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Trent Simpson
International Vagabond

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

This is my mother's favorite poem, and now it seems oh so relevant to my life...Sub consciencely I always try to take the road less traveled by...and I can only hope that has made all the difference...

Robert Frost
"The Road Not Taken"

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same, 10

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back. 15

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference. 20

Friday, November 23, 2007

World Town: Blank Slate pt. 1

Our household obsession with MIA has grown to really investigate her life in order to completely comprehend and her art, music and life that has manifested in some of the most innovative and creative music in the world.

So, my brother and I, well educated white boys from a flourishing bubble in middle America, Boulder CO, have been analyzing our situation. Me, if you dont know already, have extremely left politics, marxist in a sense...call me up, take me to coffee or buy me a drink and we can talk about a utopian society. So, granted my background doesnt come from a broken household fighting a resistance against a governmental oppressor...but it does have roots within a very socially active family, from my grandfather who has spent a lifetime typing his thoughts to be published, from Life Magazine to his novel on the Civil War the only liberal columnist in Orange County. My father, and his brothers and sisters, the only democrats to come out of Wyoming, moved to Boulder Colorado during the 60's and organized anti-Vietnam protests and coordinated draft dodging. I bounced to Paraguay when I was 17, right at the time where it was the only nation that openly harbored terrorists outside of the Middle East and Africa...my neighbor always tried to raz me saying that he was Osama, I would always encourage it and tell him that I felt the real reasons for terrorist movements and western societies exploitation of the rest of the world was wrong and needed to be changed...granted I dont feel that crashing a plane into the world trade centers may be the best idea...but if you look at the scope in comparison to the genocides and resistance movements or dictator oppression, that was an extremely effective way to be heard.


In Paraguay I learned the qualities of life, in a country where the government plays little to no roll, and the so called leaders that are in place are the most corrupt people in the business. We would swindle our way into a crate of beer, cheap bottle s of whiskey and 3-4 cups for the whole crew to pass around...learning spanish in conjunction with Guaraní. The indigenous language has almost died out in common use as Spanish is the official language, and very few communities still exist that speak only Guarani. However, it is interesting to see how the dialect has adapted itself within the culture. A lot of slang is actually said in Guarani, for the langauge innovators, as I like to call them, Guarani is full of fun words that mean things more easily expressed in another language.

I often swear in other languages, sometimes my brother looks at me like I am crazy, but for me having lived in certain circumstances and becoming accustomed to using those terms, my instinct to curse may be in a variety of impulsive words from different languages in a strange order...

I love to communicate with people who speak the same langauge and find nuances in their different dialects...on a basic level, a girl from Argentina talking to a Brazilian saying the phrase "hey you" and using 4 differnt forms of the word "you": vos, tu, voce and you.

So I guess to sum this one up, its nice living in the United States as just another White Boy, becuase I can be a language innovator. I remember testing out of grammar hour in 8th grade, with only other girl, the smartest girl in the school. We would get to go to the library for free time...she would study for her next class and I would sit there writing rhymes in my poetry book...two different minds that have a knack for language manifested in different ways. Now I hang out with my brother late at night and at our house with our friends from around the world, differnt backgrounds, and curious to learn about each other's roots. Whether Muslim, Brazilian, Mexican or just pure White Bread from Colorado...we all have a little we can offer as the true members of this World Town... We be piumin all over dis World Town...Poowoop....Quuuuuuuuueue!



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Myth Busted! Wizard of Oz vs. Pink Floyd

Ok...so we are having Thanksgiving dinner with my family and some friends I have met since I have moved to the Bay Area. We had a tremendous 7 dish dinner and we in search of some evening entertainent. My friend Nadine brought over her HD projector and the Wizard of Oz DVD...We all had heard the legend that if you play Pink Floyd, "The Wall" in conjuction with the Wizard of OZ, it lined up to make a completely new interpretation of the movie. Thus with the two elements in place, downloaded the Wall and queued up the movie to the 3rd Lions roar in the MGM intro...

That shit works!!!

It may not always be in sync with the movie, and with CDs, DVDs, MP3s the timing gets a little off, so you have to spend the whole time analyzing with your family and friends when to pause and play real quick to get it right back on track...But let me just say that when Dorothy has her conversation with the Crystal Ball Guy, and when "We dont Need No Satifaction" comes on and the muchkins dance along with the beat, there is inevitable proof that the Myth/Legends?realizty of the Wizard of Oz secretly being linked to The Wall is for sure worth your time, in at least a few cheers wihen things do line up!!! Trust me, if you doubt the myth at all like I did, give it a chance, just be sure to cue up your movie in sync with your music...the start of the album starts right at the 3 roar of the lion...HAVE FUN!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

An article written by a very good friend of mine, Leighna Harrison, who I was fortunate enough to get to know as a neighbor and close friend experiencing life living, studying and traveling together in Salvador da Bahia, Brasil. Thanks Leighna for your insight and dedication to a cause in need of a voice and descriptions of a place that has changed our lives! I have and will continue to dedicate my life to digest the meaning of all that we as students, anthropologists, friends and outsiders experienced...


February through June, 2005, Brazil

By Leighna Harrison

It was March of 1998, the month I turned 14. My sister and I got a postcard in the mail from Brazil. It was from our cousin, telling us that she was at Carnaval, that everyone was singing and dancing in the streets, and that we just had to come someday.

Not only her words enchanted me, but the black-and-white postcard image made me want to be there: a beautiful girl, dressed all in white, mouth slightly open, eyes lighting up in anticipation at something outside the frame of the photograph. I wondered what she was about to say. I imagined what her smile would look like.

I looked at that picture often over the years. When I finally left to study abroad in Brazil, despite my parents’ hesitation after having just seen the movie City of God, I wanted to find her, find out what she saw, what could make her expression so enticing.

While looking for that girl in the photograph, I found a different girl. I didn’t wonder about what could make her smile; I wondered how she could smile at all.

In February of 2005, a girl who looked to be about my age greeted me at the entrance to the building that would be my home for the next 5 months. She carried my rather large suitcase into the elevator for me. Her name was Rosie. Not quite sure who she was, I followed her, and when my host mother invited me to sit down for lunch, I realized as she served me that she was the home’s domestic worker.

I encountered a home unlike anything I had ever imagined. Everything remained under lock and key: telephone, food, toilet paper. Apparently, after working for the family for 11 years, Rosie was still not to be trusted. The harsh tone my host mother directed at her was a familiar sound.

After a while, I asked Rosie if I could document her story. I wanted to share it with others to give voice to a young woman who said that I was the only one who had ever really listened to her. I borrowed a video camera from a fellow student in the study abroad program, and we conducted the interview over the course of two days: the first on a Sunday, also one of her two free days a month, and the second at the end of a regular workday.

We waited until my host mom was away and filmed in the kitchen. Rosie’s friend, Cristina, a domestic worker for a neighboring apartment, stood watch at the front window. If anyone were to come home, Cristina would notify us and then quickly run out the backdoor and up the stairs, as Rosie was not allowed to have guests in the house.

Rosie’s story was one of poverty, ignorance, and a country still holding on to the remnants of its colonial past. As we began filming, I asked at what age she began living with and working for the family. Fourteen. At the same age that I began to exoticize Brazil, Rosie began to be commodified by its flaws.

During my time in Brazil, Rosie talked to me. She took an interest in what I was doing when my host family did not. She helped me with my Portuguese, always so patient. She never laughed at me and never gave me that awful blank stare I got from my host mom when she didn’t understand what I was trying to say.

We talked about our families, our boyfriends, about everything that was wrong in that household, and about other Brazilian women in similar situations. She taught me how to make Bahian dishes like moqueca and feijoada, and sweets like Romeu e Julietas. She taught me how to fry bananas and made them for me on my birthday.

We discussed the possibility of her leaving her job. We lamented the fact that it was nearly impossible for her to go to the domestic worker’s union to plead her case about past wages due. They were closed on Sunday – her only day off.

On the rare occasions she finished work early, we went on evening walks to escape the heat of the house. Down Avenida Centenario to Oceanica, glancing behind us to the ministatue of Christ on the hill, with the ocean to our left, we continued on until we got to the famous lighthouse of Barra. We sat on the grass surrounded by capoeiristas, the homeless, and vendors selling their souvenirs. There we were, an American and a Brasileira – two morenas, two brown-skinned girls.

She could have been me. I could have been her. Luck and misfortune: one person born into privilege, the other into poverty.

I left Rosie with a promise to return someday and a secret copy of the phone key. I call her occasionally, now that I am home. Once, when she answered, she was there at the lighthouse with Cristina. Two Brasileiras escaping the heat of the house.

In the words of my good friend and kindred spirit, “Deveria ser diferente.” It should be different.

In her lifetime, Leighna plans to travel, to teach, to study law, to listen, to help, and to love. She still talks to Rosie on the phone and occasionally dreams of Brazil.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Event Vibe Interview with my Brother, Trevor Simpson, New CD Release Ultra.2008

Don't Hate. Congratulate. Ultra 2008
by SoBo

Trevor Simpson is the Music Director at Energy 92.7 fm in San Francisco. His radio mixshows include �The Mix at Six � and �Clubber�s Commute� on Energy 92.7 and DUI on XM Thursday at 7pm. He is also an accomplished club DJ and regularly tours the globe performing at the hotbeds of the night club scene soaking up the local flavors and bringing some of those treats back to SF. Trevor has recently released his third CD with International music powerhouse, Ultra Records, www.UltraRecords.com, and is set to blaze the dance music charts and clubs all over the world. Eventvibe got a chance to catch up with Trevor Simpson to talk about preparing for what can only be described as an ULTRA 2008.

Sobo: Ultra 2008. Quite a big deal since we are still in 2007. How do you feel about this album?
Trevor: It�s big for me and I think it�s big for Ultra too because this annual Ultra compilation is taking over for their Ministry of Sound staple that they have had for years. So it shows that Ultra has matured, and it has a coming of age as a label.

Sobo: Ultra 2008 is a double disc packed with lots of radio hits remixed by some of the hottest producers. How did you and Cato K choose songs for your respective mixes without killing each other over song selections like David Guetta/Chris Willis� �Love is Gone� & Roger Sanchez�s �Not Enough� remix by Dirty South?
Trevor: It�s a disc that is going to going to appeal to both sides�Pop lovers and underground heads alike. I chose to take the underground cuts since it best reflects the style of music you can find me mixing in the clubs. This formula has proven to be a hit with dance music lovers. The last album I did, Ultra Dance 8, was the top dance compilation last year at 80,000 units so it shows that the market is there for something like Ultra 2008.
Click here to preview album

Sobo: What kind of tour & retail support are you getting from the label on Ultra 2008?
Trevor: Huge retail support. Ultra did a campaign with the retail chain In Motion Entertain who has kiosks in airports where you can rent DVDs and CDs and drop them off at the next airport. In terms of touring I just signed with At Large management and I have a tour that kicks off right after my date at Ruby Skye. I�m going to Salt Lake City, Phoenix, & San Diego and Lima (Peru), Brazil, as well as others.

Sobo: I talked to Kaskade about the support he is getting from Ultra and he has super-happy about Ultra getting his song on �The Devil Wears Prada� and the additional push at Virgin Megastore and iTunes. What is your feeling about Ultra Records?
Trevor: Ultra is a great label. The CEO Patrick Moxey is a real smart business man and really gets it. David Waxman is the A&R and also a DJ so you know he gets it. The vibe there is really artist-friendly so I couldn�t ask for a better situation.

Sobo: The last time we checked in with you Ultra Weekend 2 just came out to huge SoundScan numbers and we were all getting ready for Winter Music Conference in Miami. What can you remember about the last six months?
Trevor: The main thing is that my remixing has gone to a completely new level. I�m working with an engineer that I mesh with and I did a remix for Strictly Rhythm. I have another remix for Nervous Records artist, Celeda for a song called �Amazing� that includes remixes by Hoxton Whores & Porno Cult. I�m working with Chris Willis who is the main singer for David Guetta. And to top it off I am doing a remix of a Paul Van Dyke track called �Let Go� that features a mix by Gabrielle & Dresden.

Trevor and close friend, Dimitris Mykonos

Sobo: So far what have been your best memories of 2007?
Trevor: Energy 92.7 has really emerged into a staple in SF and has matured. All the time and effort in the beginning to build a station that people can trust is going to be here for the long haul is starting to pay off. Our morning show �Fernando and Greg� is the only openly gay morning show in the country and is the top rated morning show in San Francisco. Our afternoon show with Joey V is also the top rated show in SF, and includes my Mix at Six. We have done several major events like our Pride event that sold 4500 tickets so that says a lot about how far we have come. We are getting ready for our big Anniversary blast at The Grand too.

Sobo: Tell everyone what you have planned for 2008 with Ultra Records?
Trevor: You can count on another compilation from me in 2008 but we haven�t started to begin to talk about the next one yet.

Sobo: How has it been going with your work remixing and producing original tracks?
Trevor: My first original track is called �Hater� and it is basically an autobiography and a state of the union of the SF club scene. SF is very political and I am very outspoken. I feel that you can have whatever opinion you want as long as you stand by it. Everyone who is involved in house music, from the commercial to the underground, at the end of the day we need to be fighting the same battle to push house music forward but some here in SF are doing more harm than good and it�s time to be vocal about who those people are and call them out. Calling them out is meant to settle the beef and not to start trouble; we should be able to talk about our differences and join together as a united from to push our music and energy to the masses.

Sobo: How long have you been Music Director at Energy?
Trevor: I�ve been MD at the station at the beginning but I have been especially involved with music decisions for the last year, giving detailed feedback about what I hear in clubs and what I see on the charts all around the world. People think that it an easy process but we take a lot of feedback from the people and from other PDs in other markets who wish they worked at a dance music station.

Trevor and M.I.A.

Sobo: Your MySpace page says that you put people on maps that ain�t ever seen maps. What kind of influence to help break new music & artists does the MD position give you at Energy and what are the next music trends you see for 2008?
Trevor: That is actually a quote from M.I.A.�s �Paper Planes�. But I feel like these songs I play at the station are only commercial because they are played on a commercial station. If we played a minimal techno track 20 times a day then that minimal track would be deemed commercial. I have been doing a mix show with Jay-J for years. I�m in talks with David Harness, Richard �Humpty� Vission, and a few other people about new mix shows that are really going to expand our range of music.

Sobo: What else?
Trevor: I�m working real close with my boy Enrique from Surreal SF who is opening a new mega-club with Rick Haynes from Crash; George Karpaty & Ross at Ruby Skye has been so supportive of me and my show on Energy; Armann the Brainchild and I are working on a new event; and I am always doing stuff with my closest friend, Dimitris Mykonos.

Trevor Simpson will be performing at the Ultra.2008 CD Release Party with Dave Waxman and Dimitris Mykonos at Ruby Skye in San Francisco Friday November 17th, 2007.

RSVP for Free Guestlist before 12am!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Profile of the Jackalope: Wyoming State Animal

The Jackalope, a cross between a Jack Rabbit and an Antelope, is native to the Western State of Wyoming. Jackalope's faced near extinction in 1919 when prohibition went into effect, as there native habitat of seedy dive bars disappeared. This forced the jackalope into the shadows of speakeasies and bathroom moonshine distilleries. Jackalope's are a nearing extinction again due to the shake up in their socializing and breeding habits. Their legendary nature has thus been scrutinized by claims of being "folkloric." The perception of this claim was an initial defense mechanism of the early jackalope chiefs, but has backfired as of late. There are an estimated 67 Jackalopes left in the world, and thus they are a very coveted by Wyoming C'boys. Unique characteristics of the Jackalope include its shapeshifting ability, venomous molar fangs, and enhanced night vision. According to Medicine Bow legendary pioneersman "Butch Cassidy" the Jackalope's pelt posses invisible or "cloaking" properties which enable safe passage through the mountain ranges and protection against predators. As the state animal of Wyoming the Jackalope is protected by State Legislation since 1933 as part of a Wyoming Rejuvenation National Parks and Wildlife program created to enhance tourism to Wyoming during the Great Depression. The extremely protectionist laws in the State of Wyoming do not allow for any kind of interaction with the Jackalope including socializing outside of speakeasies, cross mating, or hunting of the Jackalope. These outdated laws have especially harsh stipulations against Coloradans or "Greenies" who are subject to punishment of western tortures if caught in the presence of a jackalope. However, as the Jackalope is sacred to Wyomingites, even the mention of hunting a Jackalopes is considered a "faux paw." (Note that traditionally a rabbits foot is considered good luck, but a Jackalope's Paw is the origin of this superstition.) It is rumored that there are a few Jackalope hangouts around underground speakeasies at outposts along the North Fork of the Little Laramie River.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Brasil 2014!

Brasil to host 2014 World Cup!!!

Está confirmado. Nesta terça-feira, a Fifa anunciou o Brasil como sede da Copa do Mundo de 2014. A decisão foi tomada por unanimidade pelo Comitê Executivo da entidade, após a apresentação da candidatura brasileira. Agora, o Brasil tem até o dia 31 de outubro de 2008 para anunciar quais são as cidades que receberão os jogos.

Ao todo, são 18 capitais de todo o país concorrendo para receber os jogos. A Fifa recomenda ao Brasil que escolha apenas dez sedes. No entanto, devem ser indicadas 12 localidades, como nas Copas de 2006, na Alemanha, e de 2002, no Japão e na Coréia do Sul.

Os concorrentes são: Belém (PA), Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Campo Grande (MS), Cuiabá (MT), Curitiba (PR), Florianópolis (SC), Fortaleza (CE), Goiânia (GO), Maceió (AL), Manaus (AM), Natal (RN), Porto Alegre (RS), Recife (PE), Rio Branco (AC), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA) e São Paulo (SP).

Nestas cidades, 14 estádios serão reformados para receberem o Mundial. Em outras quatro, as arenas ainda serão construídas, todas no Nordeste. Em Maceió, será a Arena Zagallo, Em Natal, o Estádio Estrela dos Reis Magos. A Arena Recife-Olinda, em Pernambuco, e a Arena Bahia, em Salvador.

Durante a apresentação da candidatura brasileira, o presidente da CBF, Ricardo Teixeira, e o ministro dos Esportes, Orlando Silva, ressaltaram os investimentos que serão feitos para receber a Copa do Mundo e o legado que ficará no país depois da realização do evento. Já o governador do Amazonas, Eduardo Braga, comentou sobre a preocupação do Brasil com a ecologia. Por último, o escritor Paulo Coelho falou sobre a importância do futebol na vida nacional.

Paulo Coehlo

ZURICH, Switzerland - Brazil was chosen host of the 2014 World Cup on Tuesday, returning the showcase event to the soccer-mad country that held the tournament in 1950 and has captured the title a record five times.

Brazil was the only candidate and won in a unanimous vote by the executive committee of the sport's governing body.

"Soccer is not only a sport for us," Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said. "It's more than that: Soccer for us is a passion, a national passion."

FIFA president Sepp Blatter said Brazil now has "not only the right, but the responsibility" to organize the 2014 tournament. Blatter then handed the World Cup trophy to Lula.

Lula, who flew in for the announcement, promised that Brazil "will now with great pride do its homework." And, he added, "if everything works out well, we will win once again a World Cup."

The vote came on the same day the 2011 Women's World Cup was awarded to Germany. Germany, the host of the 2006 men's World Cup, beat out Canada.

After the withdrawal of Colombia in April, Brazil was the sole candidate, the choice of the South American continent enjoying the right to host the event. Brazil had been told by FIFA it wasn't guaranteed the tournament simply because there were no opponents, saying it had to provide a solid bid package.

In Brazil, 50 mountain climbers hung an enormous national team jersey bearing the slogan "The 2014 World Cup is Ours" from majestic Sugar Loaf mountain in Rio de Janeiro. At the famed Maracana Stadium, workers spread flags across the field reading, "Maracana is ours and so is the 2014 World Cup."

Blatter said the lack of competition from other South American nations was one reason behind FIFA's decision Monday to do away with the rotation system that gave each continent a turn at hosting the World Cup. The decision takes effect with the 2018 tournament.

"We are a civilized nation, a nation that is going through an excellent phase, and we have got everything prepared to receive adequately the honor to organize an excellent World Cup," Brazilian Football Confederation president Ricardo Teixeira said.

Brazilian Sports Minister Orlando Silva, national team coach Dunga, veteran striker Romario and renowned author Paulo Coelho were among those making the trip to Zurich.

"Of course, dreams demand hard work and we Brazilians are ready to face this task," Coelho said. "All the countries in the world have two teams — the national squad and the Brazilian squad."

Brazil hosted the World Cup once before, 57 years ago. Since launching its bid for 2014, Brazil has emphasized why the country needs the World Cup, much more than what it has to offer the tournament.

"Over the next few years we will have a consistent influx of investments. The 2014 World Cup will enable Brazil to have a modern infrastructure," Teixeira said. "In social terms will be very beneficial."

"Our objective is to make Brazil become more visible in global arenas," he added. "The World Cup goes far beyond a mere sporting event. It's going to be an interesting tool to promote social transformation."

Tuesday's presentation was smoother than the one in July, which underlined Brazil's status as a developing nation with repeated images of its car factories and dry statistics.

Blatter had recently questioned Brazil's infrastructure and bid plans, but FIFA said last week that a stadium-inspection trip in August showed the country could put on "an exceptional" tournament. Brazil has 10 of the world's largest soccer stadiums.

However, there have been delays in hosting some major events, problems with violence in the streets and the public transportation system in the country is often overloaded.

The Brazilian soccer confederation estimates that the construction and remodeling of stadiums will require an investment of $1.1 billion, though that could vary significantly depending on the cities chosen to host games.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now this is what i call music in 2007...The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust!

The Inevitable Rise and Liberation of NiggyTardust! is the lovechild of me and Trent Reznor. I met Trent when he asked me to fill the opening slot of his European With Teeth tour. After only the 2nd show he asked if I might be down to collaborate on a song or album, whatever I saw fit. At the time we were both listening to the Kanye/Jon Brion collaborations and feeling like a cocktail of our two worlds would fare even more interesting…and harder. Since then, Trent Reznor has become the big brother I never had, offering his insight, expertise, and shared desire to fuck up the system while believing fully in the power of music and the intelligence of the masses. What we both first realized we had in common was a deep love of Public Enemy and their Bomb Squad production, which personally served as the backdrop of my adolescence and fueled the fire that matured my vision of the sort of artist I wanted to be. A lot of people get caught up on my lyrics and poetry, but my writing is always founded on beats and polyrhythmic backdrops. My background as a dancer (I used to dance for a rap group in ATL in the early 90s) has always made me crave hard rhythms. Through Public Enemy I discovered that my ability to dance somehow improved when I truly felt the power of the words. This album captures everything I have aimed for in a song. Of course, as a performer, what truly inspires me is the opportunity to perform them live. The Niggytardust concept sets me free to do more on stage with costume, etc. than one might expect from a regular Saul Williams show. It allows me to put my theatre training to use. I’ve also thought long and hard about all the discussion surrounding racial epithets etc. and chose this title as a means of furthering the dialogue while also showing how creativity will outlive and outshine hatred of any kind.

The album would not have been possible without the collaborative spirit Trent and the other artists involved: CX Kidtronik and Thavius Beck brought beats and fire to the vision, energizing the process with blown amps and head-nodding cramps. Atticus Ross engineered and programmed. Alan Moulder is sonic testimony from headphone to full blown that the very rocks will cry out if you work with the right engineer.

I’m also collaborating with visual artists and designers as part of the whole NiggyTardust concept and presentation. Melody Ehsani designed Tardust jewelry, bracelets, rings. necklaces, etc. and also did the cover layout. Angelbert Metoyer has contributed greatly to the visual aesthetic with paintings and soon to be finished set design for the shows.

As far as the way we’ve decided to release the album, we’re aware that it’s pretty risky, but are even more aware that we cant turn to the so-called powers that be of the industry for answers. Someone has got to be willing to take chances. I was very inspired by the recent Radiohead release and felt compelled, almost instantly, to follow my gut and expand on their concept. Obviously, independent artists have been around for years. My indie film, Slam was in fact what opened so many doors for me. yet, the stigma of being an indie artist in the music world hasn’t always been rewarding. This time I feel different. I feel like the times have conspired to make this album an important part of history.

Happy Halloween!

So I have to immediately write about what just happened to me. Its Halloween, and I live in Oakland...however, we have a house...Thus, I was talking with my brother and we realized we may be getting some Trick or Treaters! I got very excited at the possibility of having Trick or Treaters come to my own house, so I wanted to be present during the times they may arrive. Like I said, however, we live in Oakland...I have never spent a Halloween in Oakland, and dont know if it has the same feel that it did when I was growing up on Heidelberg St. in Boulder, CO and everyone put out decorations, dressed in costumes and had extremely well organized Trick or Treat routes on where to get the most and best candy in optimal time..one year my friends and I wore costumes with roller blades...In any case, I am sure that we all realize as one grows older, the meaning of Halloween changes. In college, there were some of the best parties of my life, bar crawls, people in costume and profound profanity. The bureaucrats however began to control these parties, closing off streets, making people have wrist bands, taking the spirit out of the ONE day out of the year where people have traditionally been allowed to misbehave. If you curb that, the will of the people will still prevail, unfortunately it somtimes excaltes beyond a point that anyone want. Such was the case last year in the Castro in SF. It seems as though each city is famous for one special event, or neighborhood that EVERYONE goes to. In DC its M St., in Boulder, its Pearl St, so logically one would imagine it would be the Castro in SF. These areas have gotten more and more crowded, and police patrolling more and more that tensions rise to violence. Unfortunately, they have closed Castro for tonight, my first Halloween in SF, but I am eager to see if the people will prevail!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

yes yes yall...to the beat yall

Soon The New Day Lyrics
Talib Kweli
(feat. Norah Jones)

[Verse 1: Talib Kweli]
Here we go like
Yes Yes Yall
To The Beat Yall
Aint No Sleep Yall
To the break of dawn
5 o'clock in the morning
We keep rockin on
The workin people runnin like the stop clock is on
We got it poppin in the meat market
Chicks take a seat, park it
By the bar so they can meet the Vick with deep pockets
And them doods
By them cars that turn 'em in to sweet objects
of desire
Big rims and them tires
We finna drop it like it's heavy as hell
The clan of the cavebear
Used to use the club to hit and drag her by the hair
Still use the club to get her a martini or a beer
Try to get her home and put the smell of sex in the air
Come through like the cable guy
Get 'er done
That 'ole hit 'n run
Turn into bitter ones
Tonight is catch me if you can
You can taste the ginger bread
Ain't nothing like wakin' up with a stranger in yur bed

[Norah Jones:]
Soon The New Day, Breaks The Dawn
[Talib Kweli:]
Tomorrow I'll be like
"Were am I"
"Whats your name"
"Gotta go, I'm glad you came"
[Norah Jones:]
But Tonight You, Will Be So Fun
[Talib Kweli:]
Maybe you're the one!
[Norah Jones:]
Soon The New Day, Breaks The Dawn

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
Puttin on some Airs
King For a Day
Hard to face your fears we war the mask like Cory McKay
You have a ball today
It's all a masquerade
Shorty paint her face like a clown but can't take away the frown
Found under the make up
I asked her "What's your passion" answered "What's the paper" but she sleep and they don't want her to wake up
Maybe they should realize their own beauty
Baby you a star and not just a star on some dudes home movies

[Norah Jones:]
Soon The New Day, Breaks The Dawn
[Talib Kweli:]
Tomorrow I'll be like
"Were am I"
"Whats your name"
"Gotta go, I'm glad you came"
[Norah Jones:]
But Tonight You, Will Be So Fun
[Talib Kweli:]
Baby you're the one!
[Norah Jones:]
Soon The New Day, Breaks The Dawn

[Verse 3: Talib Kweli]
Steppin out, I got my best outfit on
Gotta get it in. I'm slippin in the darkness like most of the day is gone
We up all night I wonder if can hang
We used to hang from a tree
Now we hangin behind the rope we V.I.P.
We do it
Ain't no need to See I.D.
Thee entire scenery
Shrouded in mystery
Clouded with greenery
Six girls to every three doods
So you have half a chance
If you ask to have a dance
The ones ready to freak off don't need no romance
They belong to the sisterhood of the traveling pants
They got them
Hungry eyes you know sensual trance
At a glance
The alcohol got you sexually advanced
The truth is so boring you gotta pretend a little; the antidote is more colorful the rainbow and the Skittles
And the quest to trap the cat
The game is the Tinder Fiddles to get the bruce to say the sky's fallin like your Chicken Little. Come on!

[Norah Jones:]
Soon The New Day, Breaks The Dawn
[Talib Kweli:]
Tomorrow I'll be like
"Were am I"
"Whats your name"
"Gotta go, I'm glad you came"
[Norah Jones:]
But Tonight You, Will Be So Fun
[Talib Kweli:]
Maybe you're the one!
[Norah Jones:]
Soon The New Day, Breaks The Dawn


Monday, October 29, 2007

A Dream in India

This resort is for sale in Kerala, India. I love the potential of Keral because of its long history with Ayurveda and alternative healing techniques, not to mention the thriving cultural vigor of India...


Ownership: The property is owned by Fragrant Nature Retreat and Resort Pvt
Ltd, an Indian Company with Adrian Briggs as its Managing Director. The
company shares are owned by Adrian Briggs, 3 other UK Nationals and 1 Indian
National who are all agreed on the sale of the company and/ or its property.

Lodge Name: Fragrant Nature Resort

Website: www.fragrantnature.com

Telephone: +44 (0)20 8661 1209

Price: INR 4,00,00,000 (approx. US$930,000)

Reason: UK shareholders re-settling in the UK owing to family commitments.

Operating: Yes

Rooms: 10

Year: 2005 and 2006

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Never Ending Search for and Island...

Ill call it "Awesomeville" and it will be exactly that...AWESOME!

I have dreamed to live the dream, spread ideas and change the world...It can all happen on an island, I just need some support...

In order to really make "Awesomeville" a reality, there are 2 things that need to happen: Financial Capital Investment (ie Awesome Investors) and the personnel to make it all happen (ie Ambassadors of Awesomeness).

Personally, I am already very dedicated to being an Ambassador of Awesomeness in order to make the dream come true. Thus, if you feel the same way I do, like really really really feel the same way, then look at the following positions and hit me up to get the real low down of Awesomeville!

Awesome Financial Investors

-Buy, or invest in an island (probably in Brasil, see links below to a couple options)
- Facilitate financial needs in order to create all things aweome
-Help me and other Ambassadors of Awesomeness to financially makeAwesomeville a reality
-Live the good life! After all, it is an island, you can do whatever you want, I will personally be sure to make that happen!

-Your investment gets return in quality of life, life changing philosophy and all around Awesomeness...This is our island of awesomeness, let the dreams come true!!!

Awesomeville Ambassadors:

-Be generally Awesome in order to facilitate the needs of Awesomeville--different duties and aspects of Ambassadors of Awesomeness will be needed depending on infrastructure of the island.

Such titles may include

-Awesome guitar player: To be the uy that sits by the fire and plays incredible tunes

-Coordinator of Awesomeness: Responsible for making sure that all awesome people come to be awesome at Awesomeville.

-Awesome practitioners of feeling good: Awesome at making people feel good, forget anxiety, stress...your problems will go away and you can be even more awesome!

Alright here are some options:



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

سلام عليك

So everyone is loving Wikipedia...and I admit, so am I...however, we do need to remember that it is up for interpretation, written by all of us, and edited and maintained by all of us as well...so Ill be it a fascinating source of information, I like to use it as a good stepping stone in the right direction. In any case, I was looking at how to write a couple things in Arabic, cause on a post or two ago I pasted some foreign language sayings and it showed up...thus I wanted to find more, like As-Salāmu `Alaykum السلام عليك

Anyways...I started reading the entry for Muslim, and then for Islam, and found a flaw...or contradiction withing the Wikipedia entries...

The "Islam" entry says that Islam "originates with the teachings of Muhammad..." but under the Muslim entry, it says that "Muslims believe that Islam existed long before Muhammad and that the religion has evolved with time..."

Wiki Quote: "Islam (Arabic: الإسلام; al-'islām (help·info)) is a monotheistic religion originating with the teachings of Muhammad, a 7th-century Arab religious and political figure. The word Islam means "submission", or the total surrender of oneself to God (Arabic: الله, Allāh). An adherent of Islam is known as a Muslim, meaning "one who submits (to God)".[1][2] There are between 1 billion to 1.8 billion Muslims on the basis of self-identification, making Islam the second-largest religion in the world, after Christianity.[3]"


"Muslims believe that there is only one God, translated in Arabic as Allah. Muslims believe that Islam existed long before Muhammad and that the religion has evolved with time. The Qur'an describes many Biblical prophets and messengers as Muslim: Adam, Noah (Arabic: Nuh), Moses (Arabic: Musa) and Jesus (Arabic: Isa) and his apostles. The Qur'an states that these men were Muslims because they submitted to God, preached his message and upheld his values."


Thus progresses my quest to understand religions on a very complacent level...accepting and open, curious but not committed...

But these are the things that make wikipedia so unique, its ability to have various contributors of all sides to really crete democratic entries for challenging issues that some people (on both extremes and everywhere in between) are jaded on...

Monday, October 22, 2007

Moon Phases

I have been quite intrigued by the moon and the stars since I was a little kid. I grew up in Colorado and my father is from Wyoming. My Grandparents owned a house outside of Laramie in a town called Centenial, ironically enough, the population is 100.

I am sure I will be writing more stories about growing up at the Crazy "S" as we called the humble abode, with 3 acres, a pond and river access. This is where as kids we could run free, learn the value of hard work, be creative, seek solitude, be with family, learn how to play poker, sled in the winter, set off fireworks that in most states are illegal in the summer, and best of all at night, gaze at the stars until it was way past your bedtime, but it didnt matter because Grandpa's famous sour dough pancakes got you out of bed at the crack of dawn so you could still cast a few lines into the pond before the fish stopped biting.

Its hard to see the stars here in Oakland, and I miss that. I have become fond of learning about astrology, the basics at least for now. Like looking at the traits of my own sign, Virgo, who a friend posted to me the other day...

"When a Virgo shines, there is practically no sign to match their inner light. When a Virgo is confident within themselves they are the most successful, structured and creative of all the signs.

One of the most magical characteristics of the Virgo is no matter how many times life or romance turns sour on them, they still manage to maintain faith in others, refusing to become cynical.

Creative and sensitive, Virgos are delicate people who, like rare and special orchids, require individual treatment to fully blossom into their true unique beauty. They often generate their time and energy into making those they love happy or successful.

Virgos are givers and when the chips are down and you need a friend, the one available during those testing times when you need advice or companionship the most, is likely to be a Virgo. Virgos understand human frailties better than most, because they are so deep and reflective themselves.

With a Virgo in your life you have someone who understands and cares and any romance or friendship based upon these qualities is certain to be mutually rewarding."

I feel like I do embody these characteristics, and thus am proud to be a Virgo. I remain very skeptical in my beliefs, yet being that way allows me to actually believe things, if I know how skeptical I am, then when I do come to the notion of accepting something new, there must be good reason...

I like full moons...and feel that the world is potentially dominated by its phases, but the stars and heavens above, the energy the holds all of this together, and makes us do what we do. And sometimes I try to fight those inclinations....but why? If there are so many unanswered questions out there, we must do what we can in order to take the steps in order to answer them...or maybe they are to be left unanswered, and that is the quest in and of itself...

What I really wanted to write about in this post was the difference in the moon from north to south hemispheres...

When I put on the moon watcher, it ask me for northern or southern hemisphere...I clicked on each to see the difference...then I remembered when I was living in Brasil, the moon always looked different...and coming back, it was different too...The moon and the stars go in opposite directions...to break it down simply...lets say here in Oakland, I watch the moon in its Waxing stage, and it grows from right to left...in Brasil, when the moon is waxing, it grows from left to right...

Stars move differently, the moon also moves across the sky in an opposite direction...what happens right on the equator?!

I put my moon phase calculator on the Southern Hemisphere because in Brasil is when I truly began to be more in tune to the moon cycles, and how they in turn, effect my behavior, the people around you, and the rest of the world...

An Actual Conversation...

The Liberty to See and Be Seen...

This day and age, technology has taken over our lives...even email is becoming obsolete with text messages taking over the world. Friend networks that ruin any actual socializing and blogs where people can write whatever they want, post videos of whatever strikes their fancy, and friend networks that ...

I have all of the Myspace, Orkut and Facebook, and a few more that I dont even know that I have signed up for. I also keep all of them semi open to the public. There are no restrictions to read my blog, or see my Myspace. THis has often perplexed me, should I be more assertive about who sees and looks at my online stuff? We never how many people are out there, and how one might come across another page...and I know I have surfed the web and come across some pages that I didnt expect to...but the ones that intrigued me, I read, or linked to, or enjoyed that 34 seconds until my internet ADD surfed me to another site...The fact is that I dont really know, nor do a lot of people know block, or profile the people who see and read things online...thus I strive for an open mind and keep my online open, if someone really wants to take the time to see what I have uploaded, or written, or who I am friends with, then be my guest....However, the only thing I can say is that I maintain faith that people will ultimately have respect and not base their opinions about an individual simply by an online profile...my profiles have very little to do with my actual life, but they are fun and entertaining, or way to keep in touch--but I do grieve at the seriousness the whole online community revolves around...come sit down, pop open a beer, sit in my yard and watch the alley cats play, but most importantly remember we are people and come have an actual conversation with me...

Friday, October 19, 2007

ἀγάπη مكتوب

Props to the girl that inspires me the most...one who appreciates what I do, the things I do to be able to do them and the journey in between, past, present, and future! I call her when Im lost in Sacramento at 7 in the morning, or drunk at 3 in the morning...or drunk and lost at 5 in the morning in sacramento....

One who shares my ideals as avidly as I do in regards to such influential literature like Paulo Coelho...whom indeed I do aspire to be like...





I am now accepting offers to be funded to be a lifelong writer...

If I ever get enough money to begin to support other people I would start off with the dream fullfillment lifelong living fund...thus, for example, if this person were to magically exist my appliction would be as follows...

Position Applied for: Life long writer

Applicant: Trent Simpson

Resume: Traveler, poet, thinker,

Published works: Not really, but I do have a lot of missing journals floating around the world, a few blogs with words and pictures that sometimes make sense or link to other peoples things i find interesting, a few ideas that never really got past the pen and the pad but I know may be amazing one day...

THUS>>>I am applying for this position as a life long writer...I know the talent is there, but the inspiration needs to come from travel, hardship, women, sitting in coffee shops and watching people, gambling and winning, gambling and losing lots of money you dont have, being in love, thinking you are in love, redefining love as it changes through your perception of people, learning new things, succeeding, failing, being an idiot, being rebellious, doing things that for some reason are legal in some parts of the world and not in others and then doing them in more and more places and seeing how people interact in these scenarios, being individually curious, making new friends, not giving a shit and going along for a ride that, opening doors with your left hand if you are right handed, uh...etc...and with the inspiration will come creativity, however it manifests itself...the corporate word, real life and hustle and bustle block our most divine instincts...PASSION...searching for it, finding it, embracing and holding on to it when its there, and then redefining all of that again, because life is cyclical, people need interaction and creative things in their lives to spark their creativity in return....thus im not asking for a lot with this appliction...enough to know that I will be able to get by, live up the good times, embrace the hard times, build and define a life inspired by others and the world we live in that so many people tend to forget exists...to experience humanity, and see how it manifests itself in future endeavors and with words...to be a true writer of humanity, in whatever form that may take on...

Any offers can be emailed to me...


And if for some reason, i get to be that kind of sugar daddy, applications will be gladly accepted, and interview help in hungover states at revolutionary coffee houses...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Transitions Abroad

Awesome magazine and website for those of us who want to escape...


Friday, October 12, 2007

My Perfect Cup of Coffee?

My Perfect Cup of Coffee?
Trent Simpson
October 12, 2007

I sit in this coffee shop, it could be anywhere in the world, my thoughts brewing as I inhale the steamy hot bitterness of the fog rising from my mug—the roasted beans being ground and brewing with the hustle and bustle of others trying to get their daily vice in the background. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I always have an urge to stop what I am doing, find a local coffee shop, order a delicious cup of hot black coffee, sit back reminisce for a while and pick up the pen and the pad and have my way with words.

Today it is manifesting itself in the exact scenario that has built my character--it has been and will be and undeniable constant of my life—travel, coffee and writing—escaping to smell, drown my thoughts in the background noise, and get that buzz to relieve me of any subtle laziness that might be hindering my productivity. It doesn’t matter if its 95 degrees out, or the middle of the night, a large metropolis or the only place in a 47km radius one can find a cup of coffee, a friends house or the corner store. Its my moment of zen, where I can truly drown my thoughts into an accepted addiction—and that addiction fuels my passion and massages my soul by allowing, even for a short moment to travel deep into my thoughts that manifest themselves on a blank page after a scurry of scribbles, cross outs and illegible nonsense.

It’s a moment of pure bliss when my headache cracks egg whites like carpenters nailing in shingles on a hot Brooklyn day. My thoughts wander like headless horsemen at night without jack-o-lanterns—only topping to rest like a marathon runner after a 100 yard dash and basking in glory like the Vasque after a separatist exhibition of unrefined yet witty and thought out public disturbance that international organizations dub as terrorism.

And now that I have traveled, I see the people around me. From memorable a coffee shops like the one below the auxiliary office of the OAS in DC, to suburban local coffee shops off the beaten track in Northern California that make the best Mexican Mocha outside of Oaxaca. I hear the languages, breathe the atmosphere, see the desire, interpret their subtle yet drastic nuances, and begin to wonder what their thoughts are.

And yet with all this agonizing brooding my ominous stare could pierce through steel wool and unset concrete on slightly overcast days. So instead of belittling them with my analytical complexities, I flash, at moments notice, something resembling a friendly and familiar smile, like someone that looks like an ex girlfriend passing you in a car with tinted windows. A quaint smile or a nod of appreciation that you are in the same place, but have lived far different live to lead you there, to sip on a simple treasure of refreshing, and bitter boldness that can be attuned and customized to your personal palate.

I am always in search of a better cup of coffee—or maybe not? There are times when you find yourself in need of or uncharacteristically wanting that day old bottom of the pot, twice over heated and reheated, and served in a plastic cup that has a broken lid that splatters on your white shirt as you are late for an important event. But sometimes you want the shade grown, organic and fairly traded, lightly roasted and uniquely blended-- served by your favorite barista, or a new one who breathes confidence in your addiction, and thus with that cup you inhale confidence and a new passion for something you have always loved. Perfect temperature for drinking, its like its not even happening as you fall back into an executive chair that wraps its patent leather around your tired waist and lets you slouch just enough to know you are indulging yourself. Sit back, relax and let your thoughts meander like backcountry roads of terraced terrain. Legs kicked up like grandpa overlooking the fireplace of unspoken words and idealism yet to be realized.

So thus, for me, I am still undecided if there really exists the perfect cup of coffee—but maybe there is and that is why I am constantly searching for it. However, with an profound anticipation announced addiction and awaits my every cup of coffee. Shared with friends, thoughts or out of necessity, coffee defines my mood, existence and its appropriate impact on the rest of the world around us. My coffee is sacred, my only vehement addiction that others can accept and relate to. My cup of coffee today is almost luke warm and tasteless as I think of a good ending to this montage of sentimental coffee drinking monologue that someone out there may be able to relate to.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rekindling the Dream

It is almost a year since my return from Brazil. I took off after graduating from college on a voyage to "live the dream." Unfortunately, this "dream" was undefined...I had a girlfriend that I missed dearly and desperately wanted to see--I had visions of owning and running a pousada for backpackers in a magical spot on the beach. I also wanted to get lost in the jungle or become secluded in the mountains of the Chapada Diamantina. I wanted to throw the biggest and pest parties, run the coolest bar with exotic cocktails and rare cachaças. I wanted too create a one menu restaurant with innovative cuisine and a philosophy that would draw people from all over the worlds. I wanted own a hammock store, live above a bakery and invite locals to play guitar and host luaus on nights with marvelous full moons reflection off untouched tide pools and roaring waves. Lo and behold, I set off on this mission, to live the dream. And to my naive surprise, living the proverbial dream turned into heartache, confusion, manifested destiny, spiritual awakening, fright, concern and yearning for something.

I was a penstroke away from obtaining a piece of land that could have fulfilled almost 95% of those dreams, but something was perturbing me in a way that I had never felt, deep within my heart, my soul and projected into the world, a feeling that ultimatley made me say no.

Ultimately, after saying no to my daunting destiny, I turned my head and ran the other way. I decided to gain some real world experience and was invited out to the Bay area to live with my brother, also a fan of Brazil, in hopes to, in his words "sell cachaça." Thus I moved out to Oakland setting out to do what we had only fathomed of doing here--selling cachaça and making caipirinhas a popular and accessable drink to get at a trendy nightclubs.

So thus today, while Mercury begins to go into retrograde, and astrological advice for Virgos is to relax and reflect, I want to rekindle the dream with this blog post. My International Vagabond blog has served as a chalkboard for me to post ideas, write or drift away and dream once again with. So thus, I wanted to post a links of my endless search for my undefined dream...and extend the invitation any and all of you in persuit of your dreams as well, maybe ours coincide, and we are at the proper stage of life to realize them together.

I am a little more acertive on the realities of my dream. I cannot do it on my own, friends, family and people you trust are essential in achieving such lofty goals as running a pousada or buying property abroad. Money is another issue. I have the language skills, education, determination, ability to learn and experience to help facilitate the rest, but my dream begins today with an open invitation for you to live the dream with me, in whatever manner that may be!

And be this as it may, messy and chaotic, I will being to post other correspondences with vaious offers I was involved with...

And thus my links of photos, opportunity and ideas, past, present and future...



Brazil Pousada Links






Other peoples offers







Taipus de Fora - Barra Grande - Maraú/BA

Porto Seguro

Drc Consultancy é um escritório na cidade de Porto Seguro Bahia - especializado em assessor e acompanhar estrangeiros que queiram investir no - - Brasil. Nosso trabalho vai desde compra de imóveis até abertura de firma para estrangeiros e documentação em geral. Drc Consultoria - telefone: 00 55 73 9984 8288 - drconsultancy@hotmail.com - 06/02;
Dicas e informações
* Comprar sempre em uma imobiliária de confiança, de preferência as que já estão estabelecidas a mais tempo na região onde pretende investir.

Passo a Passo: Compra e Venda


Qual é ele?
Comprar imóvel pronto? Novo ou usado?
Você quer construir sua própria casa?
Prefere comprar um terreno, um ponto comercial, uma pousada?

Qual a melhor localização para seu projeto?

Ao questionar seu projeto imobiliário, você certamente terá outras preocupações, mas... ok, siga em frente e lembre-se: este é um momento importante para todos nós, é a hora em que seu projeto começa a se tornar realidade. Se você não tem idéia de como fazer isso, iremos ajudá-lo a esclarecendo pontos a serem observados na compra e venda que é o momento da consolidação do negócio.


Defina o valor do seu projeto. Comece verificando qual a sua disponibilidade financeira, a maioria dos negócios em Trancoso são feitos a vista.
Caso estes recursos sejam suficientes para realizar seu projeto, ótimo.


Utilize sempre uma Imobiliária ( que tenha tradição no mercado com o cnpj, creci pessoa jurídica e creci dos corretores) para realizar o seu projeto imobiliário. Eles saberão onde encontrar e como realizar o seu negócio. Navegue pelo site e conheça várias opções de imóveis que você pode adquirir ou ligue para a imobiliária pois existem imóveis que não estão no site.

Quem paga a comissão da imobiliária é o vendedor, sem onerar o preço de venda do imóvel. O comprador só paga os impostos de transferência para colocar o imóvel em seu nome.

Você certamente encontrará um que lhe agrade. Vá em frente. Realize seu projeto imobiliário.
Boa sorte!!

* Antes de Comprar o Imóvel
1 - Em primeiro lugar, verificar o estado de conservação do imóvel. O estado geral de conservação do prédio é um dos fatores que influenciam no preço do imóvel.

2 - Verifique o posicionamento do imóvel em relação à luz do sol. Quartos que recebem luz do sol pela manhã são mais valorizados. Observe se existe presença de umidade nas paredes, azulejos, pisos e tetos, o que pode significar infiltrações.

3 - Verifique se o imóvel esta dentro da A.P.A ( área de proteção ambiental) Trancoso/Caraívas e se estiver qual o zoneamento, para saber qual a porcentagem de construção permitida e demais leis daquela zona.

4 - Caso va construir verifique no código de obra da prefeitura a porcentagem de construção e altura permitida naquela região.

5 - A maioria das áreas em Trancoso, dependem de aprovação do IPHAN ( Instituto do Patrimonio Histórico e Artístico Nacional ) para alvará de construção.

6 - Procure um imóvel que tenha o melhor custo benefício possível na região de seu interesse.

Durante e depois da compra
1 - É aconselhável que o negócio seja feito por uma imobiliária, através de um corretor de imóveis credenciado. Nada melhor do que estar bem assessorado na hora de realizar um negócio.

2 - O sinal normalmente é de 10%, apenas para assegurar a compra.

3 - A documentação correta é a principal arma para garantir a segurança do comprador. Existe uma série de documentos que o comprador deve exigir.

4 - De posse de toda documentação, o pagamento restante será no ato da escritura ou conforme o contrato de compra e venda assinado entre as partes.

5 - Para ser proprietário de fato do imóvel, falta a última e mais importante etapa: encaminhar a elaboração da escritura ao escrevente do Cartório de Notas e registrar o imóvel no Cartório de Registro de Imóveis. Somente após o registro obtém-se o direito real sobre o imóvel, segundo a Lei 4.591, de 1964. Com o imóvel registrado, pode-se efetuar a transferência do IPTU para o nome do novo proprietário

6 - Depois da Compra - A dica é única: Por pelo menos por dez anos, para precaver-se de eventuais e inoportunas surpresas, guarde as certidões negativas e os recibos de IPTU.

1 - Cópia da Escritura e do registro do imóvel junto ao cartório de registro de imóveis.

2 - Opção de compra ou contrato de corretagem da imobiliária, válido.

3 - Certidão de propriedade com negativa de ônus com vintenária (situação do imóvel durante os vinte últimos anos).

4 - Certidões pessoais do vendedor em distribuidores civis, justiça federal, cartório de protesto e executivos fiscais devem ser verificados na cidade na qual se localiza o imóvel e na qual resida o vendedor, caso sejam diferentes.

5 - Certidão Negativa de IPTU e o carnê com as parcelas quitadas. Mas fique de olho no prazo: todas as certidões têm validade de trinta dias.

6 - Contas de água, luz e telefone quitadas e pagamento de indenizações de eventuais funcionários.

7 - Certidão de Propriedade, com averbação da construção, em se tratando de casa. Senão, o novo proprietário corre o risco de estar comprando apenas o terreno e não a construção.

8 - Em Trancoso a maioria das casas não estão averbadas na matrícula do cartório de imóveis.


Pousada Maranhao







Ana Maria Madeira


Correspondence with a good friend:

soooo i realized that this is quite difficult to do on my own...i tried a pousada...everything anyone could have wanted all in one place...but it was quite a bit demais rapaz, plus the owner was a sleeze bag...so then I came accross a little bar for rent in a little village where there is a river and the ocean...R$500 a month as a starting bid...there are sweet houses for rent for about R$500 a month as well...i need you, or someone, especially you to come help me! its no fun on my own! kombi diaries! get jabooty down here viu! but i actually am serious, i need someone, especially you, there is so much we could do, besos


Price US 120,000

Mountain Rainforest retreat for eco hotel or house 145,000m2 of which 100,000m2 is rainforest nature reserve. Animals and plants.
Spectacular mountain valley view inc ocean view of Paraty
Surrounded by rainforest on all sides, private and exclusive
Trails to beaches and waterfalls
New 2 bedroomed house in construction
2 natural water springs
30mins away from Paraty,one of the best towns in Brazil with beaches,waterfalls, islands,rainforest and much much more.
More than 10 good plots for construction.
Excellent area for property investment, this property could be worth up to half a million dollars in the future
Possible area for the construction of heliport
Must be seen, free B+B for those who wish to visit and see.

For more details contact Mr. Ross Todd, email: rossjjtodd@ig.com.br ref. ECOCLUB.com- R044

post Jul 21 2006, 08:21 AM
Post #1


Group: Admin
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Member No.: 2

Attached Image

Contact: Mr Claudio DeNipoti - denipoti@yahoo.com (Ref: ECOCLUB.com - R053)

Owner: No - son of the owner.

Lodge Name: Pousada Chacara Santa Clara

Website: http://br.geocities.com/denipoti/chacaraeng.html

Telephone: 554130292198
Fax: 552130292198

Price: U$ 115k

Reason for Sale: Retirement of owner

Currently Operating?: Yes

Rooms: 3 cottages + 1 main house of 200m2 + 1 service house

Year of Construction: 2000

Materials: Wood and bricks

Lodge Features: Located in the Brazilian Southern Sea Mountain Range (Parana State). 1.6 hectares (4 acres) on the foot of Marumbi State Park, part or the State Area of Enviromental Protection "Serra do Mar". It is great for hiking, bird watching, and various other ecotourism activities. The property can also be used as a reforestation nursery with native species and a small number of scholarly research in Biology and archeology have been carried out there.

Energy Features: Has its own water system, using local mineral water springs.

Conservation Features: It's within the State Area of Environmental Protection "Serra do Mar".

Location: On the foot of the Brazilian Southern Sea Moutain Range, close to the 18th century cities of the State of Parana, 60 km from the state capital (Curitiba).

Beach: 70 km from the nearest beach (Caioba), sandy beach resort. 85 km from Ilha do Mel, a conservation area and sustainable ecotourism kept by state government and local community, with great surfing places

Attractions: The 18th century towns of Paranagua, Antonina and Morretes. Nhundiaquara River (limits the property), ideal for rafting and white water sports; Pico do Marumbi (State Park) for mountain climbing; Estrada da Graciosa - 19th Century scenic route to Curitiba

Access: By plane, to Curitiba International Airport and then by car, bus or train to Morretes (about 60 km)or by car from Sco Paulo (about 400 km)


Group: Admin
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IPB Image

Price: $595k

Reason: Personal

Operating: Yes

Rooms: 8 Chalets plus 3bed main house

Year: 1995

Materials: Brick, Wood Cement

LodgeFeatures: Property enjoys a privilged position in the Coastal Atlantic Rain Forest.

ConservationFeatures: The Brazilian Atlantic Coastal rain forest is under strict governmental protection.

Location: Backing into the Atlantic Coast Rain Forest,surrounded by a wide variety of trees and birds,wide green Spaces plus the beautiful bay and beach of Retiro. A tropical Paradise just ten minutes from the centre of Angra Dos Reis.
This property offers the benefits of a lovely home in a peaceful haven together with a profitable business. A dream come true.

Arrival is by land sea or air. South of Rio de Janeiro on the BR 101(Rio Santos Highway) drive 150 Kms

Set in 3.500 sq mts of landscaped gardens the main house comprises 160 square meters built on two levels. The upper area has a lounge with large balcony overlooking garden to beach. To the rear, 3 bedrooms (one ensuite) bathroom, kitchen and laundry. Lower level has open veranda plus office and additional facility - storage quarters to rear. The architecture of this house has been artistically crafted to incorporate the natural landscape of stone.

Beach: Property fronts onto beach.

Attractions: The bay of Angra dos Reis has over 300 islands, the Patrimonial city of Parati, and nearby golf course.

Access: All major carriers fly to Rio de Janeiro which is 2 hours by road from Angra dos Reis.

Other: Arrival can also be effected by sea, deep water mooring 100 metres from beach.
For more details contact Mr. Clive Wilson, email:clivebrazcon@hotmail.com ref. ECOCLUB.com-R025

IPB Image

Price: $30k

Amazon River

Reason For Sale : No time to take care

Operating: yes

Rooms: 5

Year: 2004

Materials: wood

LodgeFeatures: Is an Eco Lodge located in the Amazon, Brazil

EnergyFeatures: no

ConservationFeatures: yes

Location: water front amazon river bacin

Beach: river sandy beach

For more details contact Dr. Giovanni Caproaso, email:info@amazoninvest.com ref ECOCLUB.com-R023

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IPB Image

Owner: Yes

Price: $550k

Operating: Yes

Rooms: 8

Year: 1998

LodgeFeatures: Jungle beach front lodge located in the most beautiful virgin white sand beach, at the Nicoya peninsula, in the Costa Rican's Pacific cean.
The property has 7500 square meters, with 60 meters of beach front. he facilities includes a 120 square meters Mexican pueblo style rancho Restaurant made with teak wood. he property and the business has still lots of possibilities and space for growing, expanding and developing.

Construction Year: 2000

Area: 7,500 m2

Bedrooms: 8

Bathrooms: 8

Sleeps: 12

Location: It is located in front of the beach on a hill

Beach: It is located 5 minutes to Hermosa beach and Santa Teresa Beach

Attractions: Mal Pais, Montezuma Beach, CAbuya Beach

Access: We are one hour from the Tambor Airport

For more details contact Mr. Daniel Strobino, email: danielbongo@yahoo.com ref. ECOCLUB.com- R028

Bom dia!

Prezado srº Trent Simpson, desculpe por não ter lhe respondido anteriormente houve um problema de força maior.

A Pousada do Recanto tem 08 aptos com TV,frigobar,telefone,Ar condicionado e Wc privativo com banho quente, temos capacidade atual para receber 19 pax's por dia com café da manhã, temos projeto para ampliação.
Em relação a arrendamento os valores são: em Alta Estação R$ 13,000,00 e na Baixa Estação R$ 11,000,00 o contrato pode ser de 02 a 05 anos e acertos negociaveis.
Em caso de sociedade o investimento para a sociedade é de R$ 600,000,00.
A pousada fica localizada na Vila dos Remédios no centro da ilha de Fernando de Noronha e a 05 minutos caminhando de três lindas praias que são: praia do cachorro, do meio e da conceição.
Caso deseje maiores informações favor entre em contato com o proprietário da pousada pelos fones: ( 81) 3619-1236 ou ( 84) 9984 - 1854 falar com o SRº GERSON.
Peço que informe seu telefone de contato para que possamos entrar em contato com o srº.
Visite nosso site: www.pousadarecanto.com.br

Renildo Silva - Reservas
Pousada Recanto

----- Original Message -----
From: Trent Simpson
To: recantofn@ig.com.br
Sent: Monday, August 21, 2006 4:00 PM
Subject: sobre arrendamento/investimento

Bom Dia

Vi seu anuncio no site www.vendhotel.com e gostaria saber mais informacoies sobre sua proposta de arrendamento ou investimento, eu e minha familia estamos procurando fazer investimento no Brasil.


Trent Simpson