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Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Proposed Kombi Diaries

The Kombi Diaries

Proposal for Latin American Road trip 2006

By Trent Simpson and Lorena Endara

Founders of SuperKombi Project

The road is open and the time is now! Come along on the adventure of a lifetime. From the beautiful beaches of Brazil to the outrageous peaks of the Andes and everywhere in-between our destinations await. The SuperKombi will be our means of transportation with the traveling Kombista mentality. I invite you to come along for as long or as short as you want, the doors are open. People are welcome to hitch a ride, or guide us somewhere new, always without destiny. Grab your backpack and a sense of adventure; come on board, we are waiting!

Mission Statements:

To travel the roads of Latin America. To open up the world to a eclectic variety of cultures. Spreading of knowledge and skills.[1] Providing a means of travel, advice and support with an open level of commitment to independent travelers. To better the world through social mobility and awareness. To bridge the gap between cultures. To see the world, and have the world see us.


Destiny Without Destinations: the Kombi Diaries Latin American Road Trip is not simply just a bunch of recently college-educated graduates out to cause mischief. The SuperKombi is a vehicle for growth, education, philosophy, ideology, learning, experience, culture, and of course fun. It will be more than just a road trip to travel for personal benefit.

As in the mission statement, we are trying to open up the world. Our diverse crew will consist of people determined to make a difference. Our ideologies are not oppressive in any form of cultural imperialism, and our agenda does not have bias to any political or economic philosophy. We will however, be giving workshops to the people we meet and visit along the way. Depending on the need and desire of the people we meet the workshops can include: Photography, English, Mathematics, Music, History, Computers, Sports, Cooking, Arts and Crafts, and whatever the road leads us to.

The SuperKombi will consist of an innovative crew of people from around the world. Each contributing their own portion to the “superness” of the Kombi, hence the name. Members are free to come and go as they wish; traveling on their own is highly encouraged. However, I am looking for 3-4 full time members whose biographies will be included in this mission statement proposal and become known as the SuperKombi Crew, or “Kombistas.”


This is the tricky part, figuring everything out. However I am going to lay down some basics, and feedback and thoughts or suggestions is always appreciated.

I am looking at starting the road-trip in July of 2006, all college seniors as of this year should be graduated and there is a couple months in there to take some time off and chill and also prepare economically (ie work three jobs for two months).

Money, yes, is the harsh reality. I am not fully aware of Kombi costs, but I am shooting in the ballpark of $3000-4000, to be split evenly between the permanent members (I mean we need a Kombi that wont keep breaking down all the time, might be hard to find, and one suggested we might try to rig a biologically friendly fueled Kombi as well). The other costs of course include one-way plane ticket, food and lodging and beer money. I expect to do things as cheap as possible. This means staying for FREE wherever we can. This includes making and/or calling up any friend/acquaintance/girl/guy you meet at the bar that night to stay at their place. Camping and WWOOFing[2] will be large aspects of the trip as SuperKombi members are respectful of organic movements and in tune with nature. The Kombi itself should also serve as some form of shelter, coupled with a tent or two, basic camping supplies for cooking, etc. Beyond that, sometimes it is nice to stay in a pousada, which are usually very cheap.

Upon arrival to destinations, depending on what that may be the Kombistas must enter with a very open and friendly attitude. The mission of the Kombistas is to be a kind of traveling ambassador of culture, fun, knowledge and various other projects that will be defined in the future. We will look for sponsorships from organizations in the US (to help with funding), we will also look to be invited by communities or community groups in Latin America to perform these various projects (aids awareness, poverty reduction, educational, musical, etc.) and we will keep an ongoing dialogue (probably a live journal) to keep in touch with friends and family members along the way.

So, this is a personal invitation from the SuperKombi director, Trent Simpson, to hop on board and join me on a life-changing voyage for everyone.

Email: SuperKombi@gmail.com

Or personal conversation during happy hour.

******This is a very tentative rough draft. Although some ideas may come across as amusing, it is to be taken seriously. I am in the process of drafting a professional version in order to try and receive grants, fellowships or someone who relates and believes in my ideas and thus feels the need to fund the project********

[1] Numchuck skills, computer hacking skills, etc.

[2] http://www.wwoof.org/

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