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Heavenly Light
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Friday, December 29, 2006

Lets begin an archive!

I want to begin to archive all my information, research and experiences, and have now decided the blog will be the best way to do so. Thus, I will be posting a lot of information in the upcoming weeks in order to have a go to guide for a lot of material I have been sifting through. In my down time here in Colorado, I have pondered, read, contributed and sought out a variety of travel websites, boards, communities and people with very similar and very different tastes in travel. However, I have discovered the obvious link between all of us--travel. Thus I will use this blog to hopefully generate a group of people who are dedicated on the just for fun, heres an idea, level to get things off the ground and enter the world of travel writing.

I encourage any and everyone to submit anything, or provide links to your favorite sites, travel areas, in order to build up a large database!

Its ambitious, but I like the idea, and its infinite!

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