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Heavenly Light
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Moving On

So after my 4 month trip around Latin America, I have decided to come back to the states. My flight was back to Washingtong DC. After crashing on couches and with my girlfriend for a couple of weeks I have realized I cannot do this forever. I am going to Philly to help one of my friends on a campaign she is working on. I will work through the election and then probably head back to Boulder, Colorado, my hometown in search of a job to make some cash and get me back on my feet. The most important thing for me, and also the biggest struggle is losing your freedom. If you sign a lease, you are committed to that lease for that amount of time. If you take a job, you have to make a valient effort to stay for long enough. If you dont work, you get anxious...and broke. So I am going to work on this campaign to hopefully put my brain to work again, all day every day for 3 weeks. After I head back to Boulder, my plans are to move out with my brother to San Francisco and pursue some ideas and opprotunities he has going out there.

Over the next few posts I hope to begin to discuss a lot of the things I have learned in the past four months of traveling, couch crashing, dreaming, graduating and researching, so I will take time to post 1 entry per day examining my thoughts on all of these aspects.

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